National Wrestling Alliance Presents EmPowerrr Kamille vs Leyla Hirsch, Deonna Purrazzo vs Melina

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for NWA's EmPowerrr event!

- We open tonight's show with Mickie James coming out to the ring to welcome the fans to tonight's show.

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Skye Blue vs Christi Jaynes

Skye and Christi exchange arm drags before Skye hits a running knee and Christi boots her from the apron before locking in a straight jacket and hitting a running knee in the corner into a shotgun dropkick for two before the two exchange forearms and Skye hits a head scissors into an uppercut in the corner. Skye hits a diving cross body for two before locking in an armbar and Christi counters into a buckle bomb before hitting a snap mare into a knee for two before Skye counters a fireman's carry and rolls Christi up for two before Christi misses an asai moonsault and Skye pins her for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue defeats Christi Jaynes via pinfall.

Main Show

Kylie Rae vs Diamante vs Chik Tormenta

The three lock up before Chik locks in a standing side headlock and everyone exchange roll ups before Kylie and Diamante superkick Chik out of the ring and Kylie and Diamante run the ropes until Diamante hits an arm drag. Chik comes back in and sends Kylie out of the ring before Diamante hits a German to Chik and Kylie breaks up a pin before Diamante beats Kylie down in the corner. Diamante sets Kylie up top and they hit a tower of doom before Chik gets two on both Kylie and Diamante before Kylie hits a TKO for a near fall that Diamante breaks up. Chik and Diamante argue before exchanging strikes until Diamante nearly pins both Chik and Kylie before Chik is sent out of the ring and Kylie superkicks Diamante who rolls out of the ring. Kylie then locks in the cross face on Chik before Diamante distracts the referee and hits Chik with a Destroyer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Diamante defeats Chik Tormenta and Kylie Rae via pinfall.

NWA Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match

Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) vs The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

The four brawl before it's Marti and Renee in the ring as Marti beats on Renee in the corner before The Hex chain together offense and frequent tags before Renee comes back and drops Marti with a back elbow. HoH isolate Marti until she gets the hot tag to Allysin who takes out Sahara and drops Renee for two before The Hex hit the Hexclamation Point and finish Renee with the Hexecution for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hex defeat Hell on Heels to advance to the finals of the tournament.

NWA Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match
The Freebabes (Jazzy Yang & Miranda Gordy (w/ Haley J.)) vs KiLynn King & Red Velvet

Miranda and KiLynn start the match off before KiLynn drops Miranda and hits a pump handle powerslam before tagging in Red who she splashes onto Miranda for two before Haley distracts Red and Miranda hits a Gorilla press for two before Haley distracts the referee and keeps Red from getting the tag to KiLynn. Red then finally gets the hot tag to KiLynn who drops Miranda repeatedly and hits a German before Jazzy dumps Red out of the ring and KiLynn counters a double team for the pin and the win.

Winner: KiLynn King and Red Velvet defeat The Freebabes via pinfall to advance to the finals of the tournament.

- We get a backstage interview with The Hex after their advancing to the finals.

- Gail Kim comes out to the ring and addresses the crowd where she talks about her career and how rewarding getting to be a part of the production of tonight's event is for her before she's interrupted by Taryn Terrell, Jennacide and Paola Mayfield of 90 Day Fiancé fame. Taryn mocks Gail and tells her to leave the ring before they go to team up on Gail and Gail is saved by Awesome Kong who takes out both Paola and Jennacide as Taryn escapes to the apron before Gail and Kong face off and Kong gets on the mic. Kong talks about the hard year she's had and how Gail is her motivation and she wants to go out facing Gail who she loves before the two cry and share a hug and leave together.

Knockouts Championship Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Melina

Melina and Deonna go toe to toe before Deonna backs Melina into the ropes and Melina shoves her away before they lock up and Deonna takes Melina down before Melina gets to her feet and drops Deonna with a boot for two before taking her back and stretching Deonna. Melina rocks Deonna and smashes her face into the turnbuckle before Melina comes off of the top and Deonna powerbombs her out of the air for two before focusing on the arm of Melina to set up an armbar until she locks in a Figure Four and Melina gets to the ropes for the break. Deonna applies a twisting toe hold before Deonna runs into the post and Melina clotheslines her before hitting running knees in the ropes for two before Deonna hits a side Russian leg sweep before they exchange strikes and Deonna counters a sunset bomb for two. Deonna chop blocks Melina before Melina hits a jawbreaker and collapses when she tries to run the ropes before stopping the referee from ending the match and lays into Deonna with forearms when she rushes her before Deonna submits her with an armbar and half crab combo for the verbal tap and the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo retains her Knockouts title by defeating Melina via submission.

NWA Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals Match
The Hex vs Red Velvet & KiLynn King

Madusa comes out to the ring to be ringside for the coronation of the new champions after the match as she joins on commentary before the match starts off with Allysin and KiLynn facing off before the two start the match off by exchanging side headlocks and shoulder blocks. The Hex double up on KiLynn for two before Marti and Red come in and Marti hits a series of Germans before KiLynn misses a sit-down splash and Marti hits a shining wizard for a deep two count before The Hex double up on KiLynn and Allysin hits a running boot in the corner. Red rips Marti off of the apron as KiLynn hits Allysin with a German for two before KiLynn drives Allysin into the corner and she and Red isolate Allysin before she comes back with a spine buster and gets the tag to Marti. Marti then comes in and lays into KiLynn with strikes before hitting a knee lift and a boot for a two count that Red breaks up before KiLynn sends Allysin out of the ring and KiLynn slams Marti before Red misses a splash and KiLynn saves Red from a double team before Red gets a near fall on Allysin and The Hex hit Red with the Hexenation 47 for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hex defeat Red Velvet and KiLynn King via pinfall to become the new NWA Women's Tag Team champions.

- After the match Madusa presents the belts to The Hex before they share a hug with KiLynn and Red Velvet and celebrate with the crowd.

NWA Women's World Championship Match
Kamille (c) vs Leyla Hirsch

Kamille and Leyla lock up before Leyla takes Kamille down and goes for an armbar before Kamille rolls out of the ring and Leyla hits a dive before Leyla goes for a dive off of the steps and Kamille catches her and slings her into the steps before sending her into the time keeper's table and beating her down at ringside. Kamille kisses Tom before rolling Leyla back inside the ring and wrenching her head and neck before driving her elbow into the shoulder before dropping Leyla with a back elbow for two before Leyla takes Kamille's back and locks in a sleeper before Kamille backs into the corner. Leyla locks in an armbar in the ropes before Kamille hits a Samoan drop into a backbreaker before hitting a snap suplex for two before hitting a running splash in the corner and Kamille beats Leyla down before Leyla comes back with a flurry of Germans. Leyla drops Kamille with a shining wizard for two before locking in an armbar and Kamille gets to the ropes for the break before Kamille runs Leyla over and hits a torture rack bomb for a near fall before they exchange strikes until Leyla hits a Saito and misses a moonsault before countering a spear into a back stabber. Leyla then goes back to the armbar before Kamille stacks her up for two and she breaks the hold before dropkicking Kamille's knee and Kamille throws her across the ring before hitting a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kamille retains her NWA Women's World title by defeating Leyla Hirsch via pinfall.

- Kamille celebrates with Strictly Business before Trevor Murdoch shows up and the two groups nearly come to blows in the crowd before Kamille leaves with her husband Magnus.

NWA Women's World Championship Number One Contender Invitational Cup Match

Chelsea Green enters at number one before Kiera Hogan enters at number two and the two have a stalemate as the lock up and roll around the ring before exchanging standing switches and Kiera superkicks Chelsea before hitting a running clothesline in the corner and Chelsea hits a running knee in the corner before Kiera rolls her up for two. Kiera and Chelsea exchange pin attempts as the timer counts down and Bianca Carelli enters at number three before throwing Kiera around the ring with judo throws before slamming her and everyone takes turns trying to roll up their opponent until the timer counts down. Thunder Kitty comes in at number four before hitting everyone with moves in the corner and suplexing Bianca before Bianca suplexes her for two before Jennacide enters at number five alongside Taryn Terrell before she drops every one of her opponents until she pins Bianca for the pin and the first elimination. Jennacide holds her own until Lady Frost enters at number six and takes her time entering the ring before Jennacide does something in the ring, but the camera man stays focused on Lady and Taryn at ringside as Jennacide eliminates Thunder Kitty, Lady still not coming into the ring as the camera stays focused at ringside and the graphic for Lady Frost stays on the screen for ten minutes as number seven has yet to be introduced. After ten minutes Debbie Malenko enters the arena before arguing and fighting with Lady Frost at ringside before tossing her into the ring and sending Jennacide and Lady to the outside before Debbie drops both Chelsea and Kiera before Jamie Senegal enters at number eight alongside Pollo Del Mar. Lady takes out both Jamie and Jennacide before hitting Jamie with a corkscrew moonsault for a near fall before Debbie submits Lady with a cross face and locks in a surf board on Chelsea before Kiera covers Debbie while she's got the stretch on Chelsea for the pin and the elimination.

Kiera takes out Chelsea and Jennacide at ringside before Masha Slamovich enters at number nine and takes out everyone with a diving cannonball off of the top before Jennacide hits Masha with a DVD for a near fall before running into the post and Masha drops her with a spinning heel kick before Chelsea hits her with a stomp and Jamie hits her with a hand spring roundhouse kick before everyone pile and pin Jennacide for the pin and the elimination. Tootie Lynn enters last at number ten before dropping everyone in the ring until Masha drops Tootie and Jamie before hitting Jamie with a package piledriver for the pin and the elimination before the final four face off and exchange until they hit a tower of doom and Masha pins and eliminates Kiera. Masha counters an Unprettier into a dragon suplex for a near fall before Tootie pins and eliminates Masha before getting several near falls on Chelsea and Chelsea hits the Unprettier for the pin, elimination, and the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green wins the Invitational Cup and earns an opportunity at Kamille's NWA Women's World title tomorrow night at the 73rd Anniversary show.

- We end the show with all of the women coming out and celebrating as Chelsea holds the trophy up in the ring as we go off the air.

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