The New Day Call Baron Corbin The Best Thing In WWE, Want To See Him Beat Goldberg For $1 Million

The New Day praises Baron Corbin for being the best thing in wrestling right now.*

The former WWE King of the Ring, Baron Corbin, has fallen on hard times. Going from royalty to broke instantly after losing his crown to new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. in the weeks that followed, Baron Corbin would appear on WWE television looking disheveled and despondent, asking fans and his fellow WWE Superstars for any spare stack of $1,000 that they had lying around.

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The New Day love Baron Corbin's new gimmick, discussing it in great detail on the latest episode of their podcast.

Kofi Kingston began the discussion by commending Baron Corbin’s commitment to his character being broke and not being able to get a haircut and having to walk around with his hair in its current state in real life.

“Corbin was backstage [at the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw]. You (Big E) see him every week and I've talked about this, I can't believe he has to walk around with this hair in real life. In actual life. He's got to go home, he's got to walk around the grocery store and have this hair, this real hair. He can't cut it. I just saw it for the first time in person [backstage at Raw], man. Oh my God, it is something else. Someone needs to bring him a hat.”

Xavier Woods continued talking about how much he loves the character saying that he would like to see Baron Corbin have a big WrestleMania victory against a WWE Hall of Famer.

“Honestly, I know we don't do wrestling on [the podcast], but I think that's the best thing in wrestling right now. It's hysterical to me. I am highly sports entertained every time I see this man. He is so committed, I can't get enough of it. I can't get enough. I need him to beat Goldberg at WrestleMania with $1,000,000 on the line.”

Woods continued, “I am in tears whenever he is on screen and I don't know what his pain causes me so much joy. I think it's gonna be so mean for so long, now he just did a complete 180 like, in the span of 24 hours, you know?”

Big E questioned why babyfaces on TV are even making fun of this man when he has fallen on hard times.

“I'm supposed to be a good-natured human being out there. You know, somebody [fans] could really respect and root for, and they had me denigrating this man who's-- obviously, when you think about it, what are his sins? He lost his money. That's not something to laugh about. He's having issues at home. All the things that have happened to this, this man and I just pile on? That's not the healthiest.”

Xavier Woods responded, “The way that he's treated us in the past, you just forgot all that?”

Big E replied, "Yes, but sometimes people have done bad things, they can go through difficult times, and we can we can decide to look deep in our heart to be a good human being and say, ‘This person is a human and they're experiencing difficulty in life, and we can lend them to helping hand they need.’”

Woods, clearly a much bigger believer in karma, says you can lend a helping hand after the person feels remorse for what they've done.

Let them ride the ride first. Let them ride the ride that they have built for themselves. Let them ride the ride at least three or four times, then you can stop it. You will not go unscathed. Something's gonna happen. You're gonna feel actual remorse in some way. If I don't think you feel real remorse, I'm gonna let you feel your real remorse. I'm gonna let you have the stain on your shirt. I'm going to let you beat this can of SpaghettiOs on the side of the curb. I'm going to let you. Then, maybe it does work out and then we'll be happy for him. But for right now, let us revel in this goodness that is Corbin as an absolute mess.

“When he got shot by the tank [by Shotzi and Nox]? I was watching this show and I'm tackling to the point where I almost wake up my kids because I'm laughing so hard. It's solid gold what he has."

Kofi concluded, “He's talking about Bitcoin investing and he lost on the Bitcoin, but he borrowed money for that, so he's got to pay it back. Oh, my God, just the levels, man. He's so genuine and authentic with it. It's amazing. It's so good.”

* This podcast was recorded before Baron Corbin actively committed a sinful act and messed with Big E on the August 13 episode of Friday Night SmackDown by stealing his Money in the Bank briefcase.

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