The New Day Explain John Cena's Deep Investment In Clash Of Clans; Recall Locker Room Clan Defections

John Cena was once addicted to Clash of Clans and there was a clan war within the WWE locker room.

Mobile video games are easy to pick up and play and dive into the universe the game has brought to life. Sometimes, it is easy to begin taking those games too seriously.

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While it is very well known that The New Day love video games. Perhaps a lesser-known reality is that John Cena once was very invested in Clash of Clans. In the past, Xavier Woods has explained being afraid of entering venues because he was afraid he disappointed John Cena and The Game. Now, the new day dives deeper into the subject on a recent episode of their podcast.

Big E, who still plays the game to this day, spoke it up quickly learning that John Cena was very invested in the game, not only mentally but also financially. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman, spent five figures on the mobile game alone.

“We were essentially how we were coerced into starting Clash of Clans. It was not something that I really wanted to do. But I said, ‘Alright’, a bunch of the boys were doing it, you know, a bunch of the boys were in on it. We started a mobile game if you don't know, yes. It was kind of cool. We could bond together. We had a little group chat, and we would, you know, talk about things. We very quickly realized that, because Cena, Cena was the one who had coerced us, and he was dumping a lot of money into a consequence, and there's no reason to spend money, but if you spend money, it allows you to accelerate quicker in the game. So a lot of us were on what like, level 3 bases, level 4 bases, and this man was like level 11. Everything was maxed out, like instantly, and he was in it. He was in it. Same with Billy Kidman, Billy Kidman, this man dropped up to five figures, he said. Five figures.”

E continued, “But we very quickly realized that we were going to TV in fear of John Cena. Not because we didn't have a great match, we had a bad promo, or we showed up late to the building, it was the sheer look of disappointment. As you know, you only got one star in battle. God forbid, you got no stars when we went to battle. He would just look at you and you knew. Words wouldn't even need to be said. You knew that you had let your clan down. So yeah, it kind of became pressure-packed.”

Xavier Woods would explain the pressure-packed situations John Cena would bring to house show events if his clan wasn't doing well in wars.

“The fear came from being at these house shows and going out and having a complete banger and being so happy with yourself because you're only as good as your last match and you're feeling good. You're sitting down watching the show. Then you just feel him sit down next to you. You knew you had a good match, you knew it. So you knew he wasn't sitting down to talk to you about your match and he would just look at you and say, “You did a lot better in that match than you did in the last war.” It feels like he said you had a bad match, that's what it was. I was anxious. He brought that anxiety.”

The tension in the game boiled over into the locker room further as “Uce” would leave their Clan and start his own and people began defecting.

“Remember when Uce stopped playing and then started his own clan? Yes. It was real heat in real life. Uce defected then Jimmy and Jey went with him. Then I think one or two other people went and then it was like, ‘So what do you guys do? You guys are high level. So if you just fight with us, then we're gonna win more.’ ‘But, We don't want to be in your clan.’ It was like, ‘Oh,’ Some of the crew was playing too. So like, it was all through the company.”

John Cena and Roman Reigns can potentially play out their clan war inside the squared circle at WWE SummerSlam as WWE continues to hope that this is the potential main event for the summertime spectacular. Learn more here.

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