New Day Give List Of Submitted Names For The Group, Say Titus Was Supposed To Be 4th Member

Before Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E became The New Day; they were almost House of Light. Or The Miracles. Or Vibe & Vision. 

On the latest episode of their New Day: Feel The Power podcast, the trio revealed the list of names submitted by WWE writers for the group. The full list can be seen below.

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The Beat
The Tribe
Perfect Harmony
Healing Through Harmony
The Wonders
The Miracles
The Sensations
The Modern Marvels
Vibe & Vision
The Commotions
Harmonies Three


House of Light
The Triumph
The Beacon
New City
The Cause
The Voice
The Regulators
The House of Positive Energy (HOPE)
House of Purpose
The Calling
Voices of Triumph
The Prime
The Charge
The Reach
The Concept
The Achievers
The Sentinels 
Born Again
Nation of Salvation
The Congregation
The Advents
All Mighty
Modern Day Saints
The Saint Hood
The A-Men
Brothers of Xavier
Saving Our Souls (SOS)
Million Man Ministry


By Any Means Necessary
New Way
New Day

The group settled on New Day as that was the name of their entrance music. 

Kofi noted, "As far as this list is concerned, this was hot garbage. This was trash."

Xavier commented on the list saying, "Someone said, 'this is the work that I did for today. I'm gonna turn in this paper, with these words, as my completed assignment for the day. Now, I'm going to expect you to give me money for this.'" 

Later, he had a bit more sympathy for those involved with putting the list together, saying, "It's gotta be more than difficult to come up with stuff for so many different kinds of people. At the time, there wasn't anybody in the writer's room who looked like us. Who had similar life experiences to us. It is a difficult thing and we say, 'Oh, they didn't try.' Obviously, there are a lot of hard-working people who are trying to do the best that they can. But, sometimes, it's gonna be a lot more helpful to the talent when they have someone working with them that can understand the way that they would speak and their ideas are not as commonplace as some people may think because of what they've been through in their lives. That is something we dealt with throughout this entire process of trying to get on TV as New Day"

Big E believed the list was done just to get the group to stop annoying the writers as they were trying to pitch something at any turn. 

"I don't think we were a priority," said Big E. "I don't want to say that people half-ass it because we're not a priority. Sometimes, it's easy to forget the path. We were just guys trying to get on TV. We weren't really supposed to make it. I feel like a lot of this was, 'Just get them a name, get em out of here, they're annoying us every week coming in with these pitches and trying to have meetings every week. Let's give them a name, come up with a bunch, and get it done.' When you're not a priority, I'm not saying they didn't go all in, but if we were in that golden circle of 6 - 8 guys or however many it is that are always looked out for, that are always booked well, there would have been more effort going into the name. We were just three guys trying to get on TV. We were supposed to be a midcard faction, at best, that was supposed to last three months. 'Give them a few matches, let them sink or swim, they're probably going to sink, be done with it, and move on.'"

Kofi then joked that the group is now part of the Saudi 20, a reference to those flown out of Saudi Arabia after the main plane had reported mechanical issues following WWE Crown Jewel. 

Elsewhere during the podcast, the group revealed that Titus O'Neil was going to be part of New Day, but the idea was turned down.

"I forget that at one point, Titus was supposed to be part of our group. They tried to force him on us," said Xavier.

Big E added, "We got love for Titus. That's our boy, but we don't want Titus in our group."

The New Day is scheduled to defend their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title against The Revival at WWE TLC in a ladder match.

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