New Day's Costume Designer: "New Day Asked For Outfits That Look Like Christmas Threw Up On Them"

New Day is going all out for the holiday.

The former 5-time WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E known as The New Day are always in rare form whenever a holiday or special day comes around. During Thanksgiving the trio dressed as pilgrims. For Halloween they dressed up as Gangrel, Christian and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge when that trio was known as 'The Brood' and during the Christmas holidays New Day bring out their elf, Santa Claus and rain deer combination.

They will be debuting new Christmas outfits on today's SmackDown Live broadcast in Austin, Texas. New Day's outfit designer Jonathan Davenport was profiled by the Tampa Bay Times. During the interview he shared that New Day have requested outfits that look like Christmas threw up all over them.

The wrestlers recently asked Davenport for outfits that look like “Christmas threw up all over them.” Again, Davenport didn’t ask questions. Those new uniforms will debut Tuesday on WWE Smackdown.

Davenport stated that when New Day bring crazy ideas to him, he does not ask questions and just goes for it. Davenport first got the gig to be the costume designer for New Day when he met Xavier Woods while Woods was still a member of the NXT roster. The two got in contact and Woods asked if Jonathan would like to try and make some of his gear and the rest is history.

At WWE TLC, The New Day will sport their Jonathan Davenport-designed gear to the ring as they intend to become SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions once again when they face The Usos and The Bar in a Triple-Threat tag team match.