New Moves Being Added To RetroMania Wrestling; Update On The Progress Of DLC Wrestlers' Completion

New moves are coming to RetroMania Wrestling.

Previously, it was announced that the additions of James Storm, Chris Bey, and Mr. Hughes are expected to be added to RetroMania Wrestling before the end of this calendar year.

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Now, in the latest weekly update, a progress report has been provided noting that there are at least five moves coming for each of the new wrestlers in the game.

“What's going on with the game so the new RetroPalooza stage went over really well. That was what we had up I basically put on Retro Rumbles and I would play in the background and people would play. Most people were picking that stage to go on,” said Mike Hermann. “A lot of cool stuff in the background came out really well. That's going to be available on Steam shortly. Here we are, we have locked our production cycle right now. So we are only testing the current version of the game and we are preparing the ports for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, and iiRcade. As of a couple of days ago, we have started working on the ports and we hope to get them out as quickly as possible. As with the ports, it's hard to put an exact timeframe on that. But I'll probably have a better update next week as far as how that is going and how the progress is going.

“Artwork [for] Chris Bey and James Storm, Chris Bey is completely done, except for his new moves. We started his new moves. So we're in progress there. Same with [Storm]. There were a couple of sprite sheets that we still had to finish, but we have started his new moves as well. So they’re underway now. So we are really cooking with those two guys. Then, Mr. Hughes, we did start working on [him] as well. So new content is underway or has been underway, but we've moved on to the next stage.”

The next update coming to the video game is also slated to feature the next update to their single-player campaign. Learn more here.

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