New NXT UK Tag Team Champions Crowned On 2/25 NXT UK

Pretty Deadly has won gold!

On the February 25 episode of NXT UK, new tag team champions were crowned for the first time in nearly two years as Gallus was defeated by Pretty Deadly. With this win, Pretty Deadly has become the 4th tag team champions in NXT UK history.

Molly Belle: For the Moments

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match
Gallus (c) vs Pretty Deadly

Mark backs Sam into the corner for a clean break before Lewis and Wolfgang come in and Wolfgang tosses Lewis away when he goes for a German suplex. Mark comes back in wrenches the arm of Lewis who rocks Mark with a strike and drags him to the corner where Sam gets the tag and Mark drops Sam. Lewis gets the blind tag as Sam is sent out of the ring before Mark kicks him away and Gallus start tagging in and out before hitting Lewis with a Cornish toss. Gallus clear the ring before PD gain momentum briefly with a double team on Wolfgang before Gallus and Pretty Deadly face off until the referee restores order. Wolfgang tosses Sam across the ring and hits a running splash in the corner before Lewis distracts him and Sam knees him in the back and through the ropes and down onto the floor.

Lewis sends Wolfgang into the post before tossing him back inside and PD hit a double backbreaker for two before PD isolate Wolfgang until he gets the hot tag to Mark. Mark takes out Sam and Lewis single-handedly before hitting Lewis with a diving bulldog for a deep two count before Sam comes in and is immediately planted into the mat by Mark for a near fall. Mark and Sam exchange standing switches before Lewis gets the blind tag and PD hit a double team move for a near fall before Mark drops Lewis with an enzuigiri. Wolfgang comes in and Gallus hit a slingshot Samoan drop into a Swanton Bomb for a near fall that Sam breaks up before Lewis gets a near fall off of an inside cradle. Wolfgang spears Lewis for a near fall before Sam slaps Wolfgang who chases him around ringside and Lewis sends him over the barricade.

Back in the ring Sam hits an MX for a near fall before Sam tosses Lewis the tag belts and the referee gets rid of one before Sam DDTs Mark onto the other belt. Pretty Deadly then hit Mark with Spilt Milk for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pretty Deadly defeat Gallus via pinfall to become the new NXT UK Tag Team champions.

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