New Version Of WWE Network Coming "Later This Year;" Other Notes From Business Partner Summit

It's been teased forever, but it's finally coming.

At the 2019 Business Partner Summit prior to WrestleMania 35, WWE Co-Presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios stated that a new version of the WWE Network will be coming "later this year." No firm date was given.

The new version of the WWE Network will include the following features:

- Seamless Discovery

- Download To Go

- Customization & Personalization

- New Content

- Multiple Tiers

Earlier this year, WWE signed a streaming deal with Endeavor to help evolve the WWE Network.

Other main notes from the 2019 Business Partner Summit

- WWE sees two fanbases; those who want larger than life characters and those who want action.

- Launching new content for kids on YouTube in the coming months.

- In talks with Netflix, Sony, Paramount, and Quibi to increase cross-platform content.

- Training talent to create content.

- Will be announcing an official podcast partner in the coming weeks.

- China and India mentioned as the two places for the next Performance Center expansion.

- NXT is the most watched weekly show on WWE Network.

You can watch the entire presentation by clicking here.