New WWE 2K19 Blog Highlights Gameplay Changes And Additions

After the countless videos and teasers, we finally have concrete gameplay changes made to WWE 2K19.

WWE 2K19 put out the following blog, detailing all the changes made to this year's game when it comes to gameplay.

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General Improvements

In WWE 2K18, we upped the total number of competitors on screen from six to eight. In WWE 2K19, we’ve improved the framerate for matches with six or more characters on screen so that things will remain smooth – even when the ring is crowded. In general, the animations are faster and look more impactful when moves are performed.

Strikes have been overhauled with over 250 new attack and reaction animations. The new strike reaction system triggers varied and contextually appropriate response animations, taking into account fatigue level and size difference.

When facing computer-controlled opponents, you’ll notice they utilize a wider variety of offense. Additionally, they behave more opportunistically based on their positioning inside or outside of the ring, on the cage, etc.

Commentary is bolstered with over 15,000 new lines from the team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. All entrance commentary is brand new, with more specific and natural references to the WWE Superstars as they come down the ramp. Once the action gets rolling, thousands of new move calls add to the excitement of the matches.

Dozens of new match scoring conditions allow more creativity in your quest to earn a coveted five-star match, and a more detailed results screen offers more transparency as to what went into your rating.

You can now change controller assignment in the middle of a match in Universe and Exhibition. Simply pause the game and you can switch to an A.I. vs A.I. match, control your opponent, or whatever you like.

New match types:



Extreme Rules




Hell in a Cell

Battle Royal



Triple Threat Tornado Tag

Ladder Tag

Ladder Triple Tag

Hell in a Cell Tag

Hell in a Cell Triple Tag


TLC Triple Tag



4-Way Tornado Tag

Ladder Tag

Ladder 4-Way Tag

Royal Rumble

Women’s Royal Rumble

How Hell in a Cell, Cage Matches, and Money in the Bank have changed:

Hell in a Cell Reimagined

The size of the Hell in a Cell structure previously scaled larger than it actually is in real life. Now that it has more realistic proportions, we can more accurately capture the tension of battling within the menacing Cell.

With the smaller Cell, competing at ringside goes from traditional moves to a claustrophobic feel, with heavier emphasis on brawling and using the Cell walls, apron, and steel steps to cause damage. Players formerly had to use their OMG skills to break through the Cell walls, but now they can smash rivals through them with standard moves if they take enough damage.

Once on the outside of the Cell, you have the option to move around and climb all four sides instead of just the left and right walls. While climbing, you can attack your opponent and move more freely instead of making a beeline to the top.

The roof of the Cell is now a uniform grid of panels like you’ll see on WWE programming. It’s noticeably simpler to send your opponent through the panels to the ring below with standard grapples, the carry system, striking, and Irish whips.

Revamped Steel Cage

Several new interactions and options have been added to steel cage matches as well. Attack while climbing if both of you are trying to get out or dive onto your opponent mid-climb if he or she is in the ring. A new climbing mini-game awaits when you’re close to the top of the cage. Once you’re up there in a sitting position, you can battle it out with strikes and throw a dazed opponent back into the ring. If you’re ready to climb out, there’s a new mini-game in place to add extra tension in the race to touch the floor first and win the match.

If you’d rather leave through the cage door, that’s also an option now. Simply go to the door and call the ref to unlock it. If it’s toward the beginning of the match when everyone’s still fresh, the ref will take his sweet time getting the door open. One he does, there’s a new mini-game to complete before you can fully exit. If you fail, your opponent will toss you back in the ring and the ref will close the door once again.

Money in the Bank Updates

You can now choose who is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase in both Exhibition and Universe Mode. In addition, a variety of cash-in sequences are now at your disposal. Player-controlled or A.I. characters can cash in before, during, or after a match with a quick selection in the pause screen. If you’re concerned about pesky A.I. cash-ins ruining your day, it’s easy to tweak the frequency with handy sliders in the settings. Players can also create and customize their own Money in the Bank briefcases for use in both Exhibition and Universe Mode.

The blog also details the new Payback System and Big Head Mode.

WWE 2K19 releases on Oct. 9 or on Oct. 5 if you pre-order the deluxe edition.

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