Nic Nemeth: I Told Myself I Was Going To Retire If I Had Lost To David Finlay

Nic Nemeth is ready to hold the IWGP Global Championship for a very long time.

At NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo, Nic Nemeth captured the IWGP Global Championship, defeating David Finlay in the main event. The match was a back and forth affair that ended with Nemeth hitting The Danger Zone for the winning pinfall.

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After the match, Nemeth would cut a promo celebrating his title win, noting that if knew if he got a sniff at a championship, he would win it.

"I knew if I could just get back in that ring, if I could just get a sniff, a chance to claw at this title. I knew, I knew I could make something happen. I knew that I could bring something to this title. It's not just something like Finlay had to throw around. This means a lot to fans, to family members. wrestlers all over the world, whether they're dead or not born yet. This means something, and when I mean something, I mean it means everything to me. Don't care when, I don't care how, I will back this up in the middle of the ring every day until the day I die. I believe this, and I believe in this, because I know in my heart that I'm the best damn wrestler walking the world today, and I'll prove it every damn night."

Nemeth continued, thanking New Japan Pro Wrestling for giving him the chance to challenge for the championship in the first place.

"I want to thank New Japan for giving me a chance. I hadn't proved myself outside of a bubble. I hadn't proved myself in the last five years. I didn't know if I could still go. New Japan, sight unseen, said if you got it, it's sink or swim. You got a chance to put it all on the line. Everything in the last 20 years that I worked for was put on the line tonight and if I didn't back it up, I was done. I told myself I was done, I was gone, I'm retired. But I have to thank Finlay. When he spit in my face, it didn't piss me off. It lit a fire inside me. I may not be able to contain it ever again."

Nemeth concluded that he wants to go to his grave holding the IWGP Global Championship.

"This might be 20 more years of me holding this title and defend it in every goddamn night. If that's what it means, that's how I will go into my grave holding this, holding this championship that says, I am better than the best and I don't just sit on my ass now and go home and wait for a call in three months to say it's time to defend it. You want a shot, you earn it, you step up to me, man to man, face to face, look me in the fucking eye and say, I think, I think. I think I can go with you. I think I can hang and you better believe that I'm gonna knock your head off your fucking body."

For the full results from New Beginning In Sapporo, you can find them here.

Nemeth recently revealed that he had ased for his release from WWE multiple times over the years. You can read more about that here.

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