Nick Aldis Says Politics Are Keeping Him Out Of WWE

After holding NWA, TNA, Global Force Wrestling world championships, Nick Aldis was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

All In selling out and why he's not in WWE:
"You have a guy who had a good run in the WWE but was never really given the opportunity and opted to leave versus a guy who if I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I'm not in the WWE, I'd never have to wrestle again but for different bullshit political reasons and for different personal reasons, they won't give me an opportunity there. We're headlining and it is for the NWA World Title! It is so crazy where everything has gone. I'm under contract to the NWA but I'm showing up and working Ring of Honor. Lightning One are producing stuff for Cody and the Buys leading in to All In and Lightning One and Ring of Honor are working together. Ring of Honor and New Japan are working together! The way I look at it, there have been so many missed opportunities where greedy promoters didn't have the foresight to say, "Well, this is a money match. Lets make it work and we'll all benefit!" No, they just went, "No, he's not our guy!" Or, someone would say "Wouldn't it be great if this guy wrestled that guy" and they'd say, "Well, it can't happen because he's under contract here and he's under contract there. Well! It can happen! You're just not letting it happen! My generation said, "No, it can happen and we're going to make it happen." The beauty of guys like Cody, the Bucks, Marty Scurll, myself... All these guys like Pentagon all over the world who's brands are making their own opportunities. Also, the promoters and producers that have the progressive mindset that is what needs to happen to move the business forward but also aren't crippled by their egos where they couldn't bare to admit that it wasn't their idea."

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