Nikki ASH Reflects On Teaming With Alexa Bliss, Believes There Is More Story With Her

After struggling to gain traction on the main roster in 2019, Nikki Cross linked up with Alexa Bliss in May 2019.

The dynamic of Bliss and Cross led to a character change for both women as Bliss showed she could be a kind friend and Cross became more subdued. The duo would go on to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles on two separate occasions.

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Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Nikki reflected on teaming with Alexa.

"Alexa is amazing. We worked so well as a team and people loved our dynamic. They love the fact that she's cool, calm, and collected and I was just this caffeine-fueled sugar monster. Alex stopped me from bouncing off the walls so much. When the character first started with Alexa and you saw this more innocent and vulnerable side, the girl trying to fit in but didn't quite fit in, and then goes under the tutelage and wing of Alexa Bliss. I loved it because fans kept thinking it was going to end in tears and she would turn on me and betray me. We played that and we grew. I taught her how to be a true friend and she stopped me from bouncing off the walls and being so chaotic. The friendship and journey came to an end and the split happened, but it didn't happen because someone betrayed someone, it was just more she took a different path that was darker with Bray Wyatt and that started her story and I started my own journey that brought me here," she said.

Cross and Bliss have undergone even bigger character changes over the last year as Bliss has taken on the persona of "The Fiend," a dark character with mind control. Meanwhile, Cross is now Nikki ASH as she is Almost a Super Hero.

"There is so much room and so much story there that we can still go to. Alexa was wonderful to work with and I'm so proud of what we did. The fact that we had people thinking one thing was going to happen and then something else happened, then we became the first-ever two-time women's tag team champions. (Alexa is) a multi-time women's champion. So versatile and her character work is second to none. Watching this along with everyone else, it's been incredible to watch her transformation. I love that our stories have taken these different paths and now I have my transformation of being Almost a Superhero and exploring those aspects. My favorite part of being in the industry, and I love being in the ring, it's my home, but I love character work. I love interviews, promos, and talking. When I was on the Independent scene, I would demand a microphone before every match. I enjoy character work so much and exploring different aspects and layers of my character. It's been so exciting to watch her and I'm excited for my own journey and exploring those aspects and layers," said Nikki.

Nikki and Alexa reunited with their new character leading up to WWE Money in the Bank, qualifying for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match as a team.

Elsewhere during the interview, Nikki explained how she pitched the Nikki ASH character to WWE. You can find her full comments by clicking here.

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