NJPW New Beginning In Sapporo Night 2 Top Match Ratings From Sean Ross Sapp

Juice Robinson defeated Katsuya Kitamura 

  • I get why they want Kitamura to work, but that's not happening yet. Maybe one day he can be a contrast that makes himself stand out. Right now he's super green, and looks suspect by NJPW standards.
  • Juice is put over big time on commentary by Callis. What a great career move he made.
  • Robinson creams Kitamura in the corner with a Cannonball. Kitamura lands a nice spear, but a lazy pin gets 2.
  • Pulp Friction ends the match. This ref was bad, too.
  • Juice helps Kitamura out of the ring.
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IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
Roppongi 3K (w/ Rocky Romero) defeated Young Bucks (c)

  • The quickness that Roppongi 3k have been established is impressive. A good push and a nice program go a long way.
  • The Jacksons are effortless in the amazing things they do, even since bulking up a little bit. 
  • The absurd length of NJPW's ramp cracks me up.  Roppongi saves Rocky from getting powerbombed on the ramp, but get their asses kicked for it. The Bucks are mixing power and high flying moves.
  • Matt Jackson is favoring his back. Whoever says they can't or don't sell haven't watched them over the past month.
  • Roppongi working from underneath while Matt still sells the back is a really good dynamic.
  • Sho double German Suplexes the Bucks, and sets up a great Backstabber, dropkick and then a see saw slam. Matt somehow kicks out.
  • 3K on the apron on Nick Jackson. Destruction, too! Matt can't be put away by a Boston Crab or a superplex! He fires up, but it gets stopped with the quickness.
  • Nick comes back and unleashes hell on Roppongi, but eats knees on a frog splash. 
  • Assisted elevated Swanton to the outside! MY LORD! Back inside, assisted elevated 450 on Sho, but he kicks out!!
  • Matt Jackson has a Sharpshooter applied on Yoh, but it's hurting his own back. Yoh gets to the ropes, but a Swanton from Nick lets Matt pull it back into the ring briefly.
  • An inside cradle wins it for Yoh. 

IWGP United States Championship
Jay White defeated Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Nick Jackson)

  • Switchblade is more than hanging with Omega, and Kenny is making him look like a million bucks.
  • White counters a barricade springboard with a Saito suplex to the floor. Yikes. He exposes the floor and slams Omega on that too.
  • A lot of back and forth leads to Omega's big dive over the top. Aoi Shoudou hits as well. One of the sickest looking moves in wrestling.
  • Omega comes back with a sick, fast paced kick and a powerbomb onto the ringside chairs!
  • The V Trigger hits HARD, then Omega lands a Jay Driller for a 2. Callis correctly calls out Red Shoes for a slow count -- it was over four seconds. NJPW refs are too often terrible.
  • White barely gets his shoulder up after another big move, and White hits a SICK Blade Runner that almost won it. After another he wins! 
  • I thought this went on a bit too long, but it was good stuff. 
  • Hangman Page comes out to challenge Jay White, and Omega isn't happy about it. Omega shows White respect. Now Omega and Page go at it and Cody comes out saying it's Page's moment now. Omega pushes Matt Jackson out of instinct and regrets it. Omega makes peace with Page, then with Cody but Cody hits a Cross Rhodes! Scurll comes out and watches Page and Rhodes attack Omega, but is confused. Ibushi makes the save and the crowd erupts. 


Other Notes

  • I'm loving the friction in Bullet Club, and the questions of who ends up where. 
  • Jushin Thunder Liger's theme has to be the most iconic in Japanese wrestling to me. Instantly recognizable and over.
  • Okada is truly at the bulletproof stage of his career to be able to wear the pants he's had all month.  Matt Jackson's back injury has been an integral part of several matches across four weeks and a top NJPW program
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