Noam Dar Is Excited For Great Khali's Return ... Because He Is Obsessed With Him

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The Great Khali is back in the WWE, in case you hadn't heard.

While we don't yet know if there are plans for him to fully return as an active competitor and wrestle actual matches, one thing we do know is that Cruiserweight Noam Dar is close to realizing a lifelong dream.

When Khali showed up at Battleground on Sunday, Noam Dar tweeted this out:

He might have been more excited than the Indian commentary team, and those guys were LIT.

Apparently, and I have done zero research into this backstory here because it's way funnier that way, Noam Dar has had a years-long obsession with Khali.

If you're like "wut," congratulations, that's the correct response.

Now, Noam Dar cutting and pasting his own face onto the heads of Khali's friends in a photo might seem a little serial-killer-ish, because it is, and the best/worst part is that this is something that goes way back.

Check it out in this video that Dar himself Tweeted out last night:

Like I said, I am doing ZERO research, because I don't want this ruined for me.

I prefer to think that Noam Dar broke up with Alicia Fox two weeks ago because his heart belonged to another. That he's been waiting years to have the opportunity to tell Khali how he feels, and now he's got that chance, and he'll be damned if he lets it slip through his fingers.

I want Noam Dar to try to pass himself off as a long lost cousin of the Singh Brothers, just so he can be closer to Khali.

I want the camera to catch him smelling Khali's hair.

I want someone to find a hidden room behind a closet wall where there's a shrine built to Khali, and photos of Jinder with the eyes cut out.

I want Noam to be seen in a dimly lit area under the bleachers, sharpening a knife, repeating to himself, over and over, in his delightful Scottish brogue, now turned sinister: "If I can't have you, no one can."


I mean, would you rather see that, or Khali vs Randy Orton?

I know which one I'd pick.

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