Noam Dar: It Would Mean Everything To Me To Be At WWE Clash At The Castle In Any Capacity

Noam Dar talks a possible appearance at Clash Of The Castle.

The second-ever Clash At The Castle event will be held at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland on June 15, 2024. Many fans expect that Scotland native Drew McIntyre will have a big presence on the show and as it turns out, Noam Dar would love to appear at the show as well.

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While speaking to Daily Star for a new interview, Dar was asked about appearing at the show after possibly defeating Trick Williams for the NXT Championship.

“It sounds amazing and it sounds picturesque, it sounds like a literally a fairy tale of going back to Glasgow at a sold out Clash At The Castle as NXT Champion with the journey that I’ve had and the journey that I’m on right now. But me, honestly, I’m not seeing past that potential championship match. I cannot look past it. If I keep moving in the direction that I’m moving and I get what I deserve, which is a title shot, there’s nothing that exists for me after that. Everything, all my focus, energy and aim is specifically to that moment because that’s what I need to bring to it and if everything goes the way I want it to and the way I believe it to, then absolutely that’s an opportunity that’s on the table. But, as much as I want to romanticize that — and I do agree, I think it could be the most special moment for my career and one of the most important moments of that show, but right now, I’m locked in on the NXT Championship and everything else is secondary noise at this moment.”

Dar was then asked about possible appearing at the show even if he doesn't win the title from Williams.

“Of course, absolutely. WWE has changed a lot since I’ve been here and there was always shows in the UK. I debuted on Raw in Glasgow, which was special to me. That would definitely be a full circle moment. But for something of this importance to come to Scotland and the Hydro as huge as everything, I don’t think the superstars realize what type of bear pit they’re gonna step into when you give the Scottish audience that level of a show. To be there in any capacity, whether it’s just to watch or support, it would be everything to me. To be there in a professional sense, it would be very encouraging for me and motivating and [would] reaffirm that every decision [I have] made has paid off and it will just provide me another platform of realizing that this is what has happened after this amount of time, let’s keep building into the future and see what comes.”

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