Noam Dar Reflects On Meeting Drew McIntyre As A High School Student In Scotland

Noam Dar is reflecting on his relationship with Drew McIntyre and how he feels to see his fellow Scotsman reach the top of the WWE mountain.

It's been a big year for Drew McIntyre, after being proclaimed to be the future of the WWE a decade ago, he finally defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 to capture the WWE Championship.

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NXT UK Superstar, Noam Dar, couldn't be more elated for McIntyre and spoke to Sportskeeda to reflect on their relationship, including the unique way they first met.

“I first met Drew, this is a funny story, at least I think so... he actually came to my high school... my secondary school, to do a charity wrestling match against a computing teacher I had, when I was like, I was like 13 at the time,” Dar began. “This was before he went to WWE the first time. And I remember meeting him and thinking that he's the most superhuman person I had met at the time. And he came back, like you said, in 2014 and I was lucky enough to travel with him because we came from the same area, Scotland, and also wrestle him a lot in these places you mentioned.”

He continued, “It's very difficult to describe the level of competition that Drew has. Personally, and professionally, he is a very driven individual, and certainly one of my favorite opponents and one of my closest friends. So, now to see the level of success he's having, it's so heartwarming because I know how much he deserves it. and I cannot wait to wrestle him again and hopefully, that happens within WWE.”

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