NWA 73rd Anniversary Show Results Nick Aldis vs Trevor Murdoch, Kamille vs Green

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The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) & Lady Frost vs Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze & Jennacide

Marti and Paola start the match off before The Hex double up on Paola for two before Paola rakes the eyes of Allysin and runs to the corner to tag in Jennacide. Taryn distracts Marti before the heels isolate Marti until she gets the hot tag to Allysin who takes out Paola before The Hex send Jennacide out of the ring and Lady Frost hits a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lady Frost and The Hex defeat Paola Blaze, Taryn Terrell and Jennacide via pinfall.​​

PJ Hawx vs Colby Corino

Colby takes control early and chokes PJ in the ropes before kicking him in the spine and rocking him with a right hand and forearms in the corner before PJ kicks him through the ropes and out onto the apron. Colby hits a slingshot spear for a near fall before locking in a Muta Lock before digging into PJ's midsection with punches before playing to the crowd and PJ comes back with a suplex. PJ suplexes and slams Colby for two before Colby hits a package backbreaker into a standing 450 for a near fall before PJ submits Colby with a Boston crab.

Winner: PJ Hawx defeats Colby Carino via pinfall.

Main Show

- We open tonight's show with a video package for the history of the National Wrestling Alliance narrated by John Goodman.

Thom Latimer vs Tim Storm vs Crimson

Before the match starts Jax Dane attacks Crimson when he's making his way out to the ring and hits a DVD onto a ladder before Thom hits Tim with a chair when the referee is checking on Crimson. Thom gets two off of the chair shots before Tim throws a trash can at Thom before wedging it in the corner and clotheslining Thom over the top rope and down onto the floor. Tim sends Thom into the post and brings out a twenty foot ladder before setting it up on the entryway and slamming Thom onto the mat. Tim climbs the ladder before Thom attacks Tim and puts a section of railing on top of each side of the railing on the entryway before lying Tim on the railing and climbing the ladder. Thom dives off of the ladder and onto Tim through the railing which has been broken in half before Crimson comes back and hits Thom with a spine buster.

Tim stops Crimson from pinning Thom before getting back into the ring and the two exchange strikes until the two hit each other with belts and they both hit Thom and send him back out of the ring. Tim then hits Crimson with a black hole slam for the pin and the win when Crimson runs the ropes and comes at him.

Winner: Tim Storm defeats Crimson and Thom Latimer via pinfall.

Mickie James vs Kylie Rae

Kylie and Mickie lock up before exchanging wrist locks and headlocks before Kylie teases a superkick and the two shake hands before Mickie kicks Kylie and sweeps her. Mickie boots Kylie for two before Kylie locks in an STF and Mickie rolls back for two before hitting a flap jack and Kylie catches her up top before Mickie counters a superplex. Mickie hits a diving seated senton for two before the two counter each other until Kylie locks in a cross face before Mickie gets to the ropes for the break. Kylie then stomps Mickie in the corner before missing a cannonball and Mickie pins her with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Mickie James defeats Kylie Rae via pinfall.

- After the match a masked Deonna Purrazzo comes out and attacks and lays out Mickie before Kylie sends her running.

Tyrus, The Masked Man & Jordan Clearwater (w/ Austin Idol) vs. Da Pope & The End (Odinson and Parrow)

Jordan and Odinson start the match off with Odinson dropping Jordan before hitting a running splash in the corner and The End double up on Jordan before slamming Da Pope onto Jordan for two. Pope drops Jordan repeatedly and hits a fist drop before The Masked Man attacks him from behind and Pope hits a double diving blockbuster. Tyrus comes in and hits Pope with a fall away slam before Jordan beats Pope down until he gets the hot tag to Parrow who drops the Masked Man repeatedly before hitting a uranage for a deep two count. Parrow hits running uppercuts in the corner before missing one and the Masked Man boots him before tagging in Tyrus who chokes Parrow in the ropes. Jordan controls Parrow on the mat with a rear chin lock before Tyrus and company isolate Parrow until he gets the hot tag to Odinson who runs over all three of his opponents.

Odinson sends Tyrus out of the ring before The End powerbomb Jordan and the Masked Man into each other before BLK Jeez shows up and Parrow chases him up to the stage before the Masked Man makes Tyrus let him cover and pin Odinson after hitting him with a heart punch.

Winner: The Masked Man, Tyrus and Jordan Clearwater defeat The End and Da Pope via pinfall.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Adonis (c) vs James Storm

Chris locks in a standing side headlock before running James over with a shoulder block and the two exchange wrist locks and hammer locks before Chris rocks James with a right hand and chops him in the corner. James skins the cat and hits a Thesz press before punching Chris in mount and dragging Chris out of the ring before booting him at ringside before beating on Chris at ringside. Chris sends James into the post before sending him into the railing and back into the ring before hitting a diving ax handle before following up with a side Russian leg sweep for two. Chris locks in a rear chin lock before suplexing James for two before locking in another rear chin lock before smashing James' face into the top turnbuckle. James comes back with ax handles and an inverted atomic drop into a clothesline before Chris drops him with a back elbow before James hits an enzuigiri.

James hits a frankensteiner before hitting the Eye of the Storm for a near fall before Chris hits a jawbreaker and James hits a Code Breaker before Chris counters the Last Call into a spine buster. Chris locks in the Adonis Lock before James gets to the ropes for the break before hitting a full nelson slam for a near fall before Chris drinks James' beer. James then hits the Last Call for a near fall before arguing with the referee and Chris pins him with a leverage pin using the ropes for the win.

Winner: Chris Adonis retains his NWA National Heavyweight title by defeating James Storm via pinfall.

- Ric Flair comes out to the ring for an interview where he talks about the history of the promotion and his career there from 1981 to 1991 where he formed the legendary Four Horsemen stable and went on to become a ten time NWA World Heavyweight champion.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender Battle Royale Match

Jayden is eliminated before Captain is eliminated and everyone hit a six man suplex before Marshae and JR are eliminated by Sal before Judais eliminates Sal with a Razor's Edge. El Rudo eliminates Stanley before they hit a tower of doom and JTG eliminates El Rudo as we come down to the final four after Slice is eliminated by Luke. The four men then pair off before Judais eliminates Mims and Luke and JTG double up on Judais before Judais hits a diving clothesline and eliminates Luke before Judais last eliminates JTG for the win.

Winner: Judais wins the battle royale and an opportunity to face Chris Adonis for his NWA National Heavyweight title.

NWA Women's World Championship Match
Kamille (c) vs Chelsea Green

Kamille overpowers Chelsea and locks in a full nelson before Chelsea fights free and Kamille hits a Bully Bomb before locking in a body scissors and rolling Chelsea over repeatedly for several two counts. Chelsea rolls Kamille up for to before getting two off of a back slide and the two exchange pin attempts until Kamille clubs Chelsea in the back of the neck. Kamille hits a Samoan drop for one before stretching Chelsea in the ropes and clubbing her across the chest before dropping her with a right hand. Kamille wrenches on the head and neck of Chelsea before she gets to her feet and clotheslines Kamille before missing a jumping elbow drop before Kamille slams her wrist with a cast on it into the apron. Kamille sends Chelsea into the railing and back inside before focusing on the arm and wrist of Chelsea before applying a torture rack and Chelsea fights out into a cutter.

Chelsea clotheslines Kamille and hits a twisting neckbreaker for two before going up top and Kamille hits the ropes to stop her before Chelsea fights off a superplex and hits a missile dropkick for two. Kamille hits a famouser for a deep two count before hitting a neckbreaker and Chelsea dodges a spear and hits a release German before Kamille spears Chelsea for a near fall when Chelsea gets her foot on the bottom rope. Chelsea then rolls Kamille up for two before Kamille counters the Unprettier and locks in an armbar before Chelsea taps for the win.

Winner: Kamille defeats Chelsea Green via submission to retain her NWA Women's World title.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Aron Stevens & Kratos (c) vs. La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450 w/ Konnan)

Aron and Bestia kick things off for their respective teams before Kratos and Mecha come in and the champs clear the ring before Kratos attacks both members of LR at ringside. Kratos and Aron double up on Bestia before Aron attacks Konnan and LR double up on Aron and double team Aron in their corner before he gets the hot tag to Kratos. Kratos suplexes Bestia before hitting running moves in opposite corners before slamming Bestia for two before hitting a jumping enzuigiri into an avalanche falcon arrow for a near fall that Mecha breaks up. Bestia counters a Doomsday Device before sending Kratos out of the ring and Konnan distracts the referee before Bestia takes out Kratos with an asai. LR then pin Aron with their finisher The Mark of the Beast for the pin and the win to become the new champions.

Winner: La Rebelíon defeat Aron Stevens and Kratos via pinfall to become the new NWA World Tag Team champions.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Title vs Career Match
Nick Aldis (c) vs Trevor Murdoch

The two brawl at ringside before Trevor sends Nick over the railing and the two brawl through the crowd before Nick slams Trevor on the stage and drags him back to the ring. Trevor comes back with right hands and beats Nick down before Nick catches him with a boot and hits an Olympic slam for two before hitting a Thesz press and chops in the corner. Nick pokes Trevor in the eyes before Trevor tosses him off of the top rope and Nick counters a missile dropkick before Trevor counters a Figure Four into one of his own. Nick gets to the ropes for the break before Trevor runs into the post and Nick locks in an abdominal stretch before Trevor gets free and hip tosses Nick. Nick and the referee get into a shoving match before Trevor sends Nick into the referee and hits a sit-out powerbomb before Nick low blows him.

Trevor rolls out of the ring before Nick hits an ax handle off of the apron and argues with Trevor's son in the crowd before sending Trevor into the post repeatedly. Nick lies Trevor on a table before hitting a diving elbow drop off of the top onto Trevor through the table before rolling Trevor back inside for a near fall. Trevor hits a Code Red for a deep two count before Nick hits a tombstone and a diving elbow drop for two before Trevor hits a superplex for a deep two count before missing a diving elbow drop. Nick then locks in a sharpshooter before Trevor gets to the ropes for the break before they exchange strikes until Trevor hits a piledriver and a diving bulldog for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch defeats Nick Aldis via pinfall to become the new NWA World Heavyweight champion.

- After the match Ric comes down to ringside and cheers for Trevor before his family gets in the ring and celebrates with Trevor before Ric gets into the ring and congratulates Trevor and celebrates with him and his family. Trevor is congratulated on mic by Ric before Ric thanks everyone and leaves as the Murdoch family celebrate. Trevor is then interviewed before he gets on the mic and says that he's going to represent the title and the company to the best of his ability before thanking the fans for their support of him and the company as we go off the air.

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