NWA Presents Back for the Attack Results Nick Aldis vs Aron Stevens

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for NWA's return to pay per view in 2021 with Back for the Attack!

Crimson vs Jax Dane vs Jordan Clearwater vs Slice Boogie

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The four men exchange before Crimson and Jax go toe to toe before exchanging strikes until Crimson counters a piledriver into a suplex before Jordan takes out Crimson with a neckbreaker. Jordan hits a double splash in the corner before Slice sends Jordan into the corner and hits a German before Jax puts Slice in a Boston crab before Crimson hits Jordan with a back suplex and a DVD for a two count that Slice and Jax break up. Jax and Crimson then double up on Slice before Jordan takes out Jax with the Midas Touch and Slice hits a missile dropkick into the Dead-Ass Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Slice Boogie defeats Jax Dane, Jordan Clearwater, and Crimson via pinfall.

Tyrus vs JR Kratos

Tyrus and JR try to run each other before Tyrus clotheslines JR before sending him into the corner on his injured elbow before clubbing him across the back and lock in a chicken wing before JR gets to the ropes for the break. Tyrus drops JR with a Mongolian chop when he comes back with a few strikes before Tyrus holds onto the the wrist of JR and drives his shoulder into JR before taking him down and hitting a leg drop for two. Tyrus then slams JR before JR counters a buckle bomb and hits a diving clothesline off of the second rope before Tyrus hits a running splash in the corner into an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tyrus defeats JR Kratos via pinfall

NWA Television Championship Match
The Pope (c) vs Thom Latimer

The two lock up before exchanging wrist lock and Tom drops Pope with a shoulder block before tossing the champ into the corner and Pope comes back and uses his superior speed before hitting a splash in the corner into a running cross body. Tom gets in the mount of Pope and hits him with right hands before Pope hits a sunset flip for two before Tom drops him with a back elbow and locks in a rear chin lock before hitting a scoop slam for two. Pope comes back with strikes and a scoop slam into a flying ax handle before hitting bionic elbows and a right hand before hitting an inverted atomic drop into a DDT for two before hitting a clothesline for a near fall. Tom hits a huge spine buster before going up top and Pope meets him before hitting a superplex. Pope then hits a diving elbow before dropping his shin pad and Tom dodges a running knee before hitting a powerbomb for a near fall before Pope hits a code red for a near fall before they exchange as the time runs out.

Winner: The Pope retains his NWA Television Championship due to the match ending with a time limit draw.

NWA Women's Championship Number One Contender Match
Thunder Rosa vs Kamille

Kamille woman handles Rosa early with her superior strength before Rosa uses her speed and athleticism to come back with running clotheslines against the ropes and leg kicks before Kamille shoves her backwards onto the mat. Kamille clubs Ross and stomps her in the midsection before Rosa takes Kamille down and locks in an armbar before Kamille rolls over and Rosa transitions into a triangle before locking in a triangle armbar. Kamille powers to her feet and hits a one armed buckle bomb before chopping Rosa in the throat and missing a spear into the post and through the ropes out of the ring before Rosa hits a baseball slide and sends Kamille into the apron. Rosa goes for a dive off of the apron before Kamille catches her and slams her onto the floor before Rosa sends Kamille into the post and wraps her around the post with a bow and arrow before hitting a pump kick with Kamille draped over the apron. Back in the ring Rosa covers Kamille for two before taking her down and locking in a half crab before transitioning into an STF before Kamille comes back with right hands and a clothesline before laying into her with punches in the midsection in the corner.

Kamille chokes Rosa in the ropes before Rosa comes back with a flurry only to get dropped with a back elbow before Rosa hits a rolling heel hook into a bow and arrow before Kamille kicks her in the spine when she gets free. Rosa hits a running clothesline in the corner into a meteora before hitting a running dropkick for two before stretching Kamille out and Kamille gets up with Rosa on her shoulders before Rosa hits a missile dropkick into a back stabber for a near fall. Kamille then dodges a diving stomp before hitting a pair of spears for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kamille defeats Thunder Rosa via pinfall to become the new number one contender for Serena Deeb's NWA Women's Championship.

NWA National Championship Match
Trevor Murdoch (c) vs Chris Adonis

The two exchange headlocks before Trevor takes Chris down and Chris locks in a head scissors before Trevor takes him right back down before Chris gets to his feet and Trevor hits a drop toe hold into a side headlock. Trevor scrambles to the ropes when Chris goes for the Master Lock before backing Trevor into the corner and Trevor takes him down once more before hitting a side Russian leg sweep and going up top before Chris dodges a flying bulldog. Chris hits several elbow drops and punches Trevor in mount before stomping his face and poking Trevor in the eyes before hitting a snap mare into a rear chin lock before stretching him out. Trevor gets to his feet and comes back with several clotheslines before hitting a diving cross body for two before pinning Chris out of nowhere with a sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch retains his NWA National Championship by defeating Chris Adonis via pinfall.

- After the match Chris attacks Trevor and hits a full nelson slam into the Master Lock.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match
Nick Aldis (c) vs Aron Stevens

They lock up and exchange standing switches and wrist locks before wringing each other's arms and Nick drops Aron with a pair of shoulder blocks for a pair of one counts before Aron takes Nick down onto the mat repeatedly before they get into a shoving match. Nick stomps and punches Aron in the corner before Aron clotheslines Nick and elbows him in the face before hitting a side Russian leg sweep into a flurry of elbow drops for two before Nick rolls out of the ring and Aron rolls him back inside. Aron whips Nick into the corner and stomps him before hitting a belly to belly suplex for two before missing a moonsault off of the second rope before Nick dumps him out of the ring and drives him into the apron. Back in the ring Nick hits an elbow drop before Aron comes back with several headbutts and they run the ropes before Nick clotheslines him for two before locking in a rear chin lock and grounding Aron with a side headlock on the mat. They run the ropes again before Aron hits an inverted atomic drop into a super kick before hitting mounted punches in the corner and they clothesline each other before exchanging strikes until Aron counters a cloverleaf into a DDT for a deep two count.

Aron counters a cloverleaf into a pin attempt for two before Aron locks in a figure four and Nick reverses the pressure before Aron gets to the ropes for the break before Nick hits a driver for a near fall. Aron meets Nick on the top and hits a superplex for a near fall before Nick knocks Aron off of the top turnbuckle and hits a diving elbow off of the second rope for a near fall before Aron counters a piledriver into a discus elbow for a near fall. Nick catches Aron coming off of the top with a missile dropkick before locking in a cloverleaf and Aron gets to the bottom rope for the break before they end up outside and Aron sends Nick into the post. Aron gets back into the ring at nine before countering another attempt at the cloverleaf before hitting a flat liner into a cross face before Nick gets to the ropes for the break before Aron reapplies the cross face and Nick crawls to the bottom rope for the break right before tapping. They then roll around the ring until Nick pins Aron after countering a cross armbreaker with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Nick Aldis retains his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship by defeating Aron Stevens via pinfall.

- After the match the two shake hands before the entire roster stand in the ring with a Question Mark flag as we go off the air.

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