NXT Results For 7/20/21 Raquel Gonzalez vs. Xia Li, Kushida and Fish vs. Diamond Mine, and much more

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- The show begins with a rundown from the episode in which Samoa Joe returned to NXT.

Third Man Qualifies For NXT North American Championship Ladder Match At Halloween Havoc 2022

- The viewer is welcome to the Capitol Wrestling Center by NXT commentator Vic Joseph.

- Samoa Joe's music kicks off the show, and he gets in the ring and says, "Tick Tock, Tick Tock." William Regal comes out and says that he cannot do this, and he agreed that he could not call out NXT Superstars. Joe says that he can because Kross provoked him. Joe says because of his respect for Regal, he cannot promise it will end peacefully and says that he will put somebody to sleep.

- We then get a vignette featuring Xia Li and what she plans on doing to Raquel Gonzalez.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust) w/ Malcolm Bivens and Hideki Suzuki vs. Kushida and Bobby Fish

Diamond Mine are making their way to the ring but get attacked from behind by Kushida and Bobby Fish. Before the match begins, NXT takes their first commercial break.

The match started during the commercial break per Vic Joseph. Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are in the ring; Fish sends Strong into the corner turnbuckle hard. Fish then tags in Kushida, who hits Strong with some stereo kicks. Strong makes it to his partner Tyler Rust for the tag-in; Rust tags back out after getting some offense in. Diamond Mine has control of the match after Strong hits Kushida with a nasty backbreaker.

Diamond Mine is tagging in and out to maintain control of the match. Strong forces Kushida into his corner; however, Kushida hits a springboard double elbow to Rust and Strong. Kushida then gets to Bobby Fish for the hot tag. Fish clears the ring and gets some big shots in on Rust. However, Bobby Fish is distracted by Strong, and Rust knocks Fish out of the ring because of the distraction. Rust tags in Strong, and Strong goes after Fish on the outside of the ring and slams him down hard on the ring canvas outside the ropes. There is another commercial break.

We are now back with Rust and Fish in the ring; Rust hits Fish with a nice ax kick. Rust and Fish now exchange heavy punches; however, Rust keeps control. Rust tags in Strong, Strong delivers some knees to the back of Bobby Fish. Strong and Rust continue tagging in and out of the match to maintain an advantage. Rust now is stretching Fish; Rust is giving Fish the fishhook. Rust tags in Strong and Fish make the hot tag to Kushida. Kushida clears the ring, and Kushida nails Strong with a huge kick. Kushida attempts to go for an armbar, but Strong escapes. Kushida hits Rust with an enzuigiri; Rust gets up, takes down Kushida, and puts him in an ankle lock. Kushida gets Rust in the Hoverboard, and Rust taps out.

Winners: Kushida and Bobby Fish

- They go to Cameron Grimes and LA Knight arriving at the CWC; Knight is telling Grimes, "if he had listened to him, they would have gotten there sooner. Now, go get my suitcases." Drake Maverick walks up to Grimes, telling him he would help him, and Grimes tells him not to worry about it. LA Knight tells Maverick to move along and gets in the face of Maverick, and challenges him for a match later.

- We get an announcement that NXT Takeover 36 will be on August 22nd.

- There is a short video of Odyssey Jones talking about his upcoming NXT Breakout Tournament match tonight.

Franky Monet (w/ Jessie Kamea) vs. Jacy Jayne

Franky Monet and Jacy Jayne begin, and Jayne takes control. Monet takes control quickly, and Monet attempts to finish the match, but Mandy Rose takes Monet's focus off Jayne. Mandy Rose is sitting on the commentator's table watching the match. Joseph says that she is there scouting again. Monet ends it with the Road to Vahalla and pins Jayne to get the win.

- The Way is getting interviewed in the back, and Gargano says he has had better days. O'Reilly cuts them off and challenges Austin Theory. Johnny Gargano that Theory is on his own tonight, and we go to a commercial break.

- NXT announces that they will be on SyFy for the next two weeks because of the Olympics.

- Wade Barrett has a sit-down interview with Bronson Reed, and Reed talks about his match next week against Adam Cole.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Austin Theory

The bell rings with Kyle O'Reilly and Austin Theory starting it with a tie-up. Theory gets most of the offense in and has the control. O'Reilly and Theory are talking some trash to each other. Theory provides some good defense and stops O'Reilly every time he tries to counter. They head out for the first picture-in-picture commercial break with Austin Theory in control.

We return from the commercial break, and the action is still going back and forth. O'Reilly gets some more offense; however, Theory returns and hits O'Reilly with a Rolling Blockbuster. Theory hits the ropes for a big maneuver; O'Reilly catches him and hooks in a submission. Austin Theory makes it to the ropes, and O'Reilly has to drop the hold. O'Reilly and Theory counter each other's moves, but O'Reilly has enough and gets Theory and delivers a flurry of offense in. O'Reilly sets in an armbar on O'Reilly and then counters it into an ankle lock. O'Reilly then jumps on the elbow of Theory. Again, Theory and O'Reilly counter each other's moves. Theory almost finishes it by hitting a modified neckbreaker, he goes for the pin, but O'Reilly kicks out.

The action goes outside to the ring; Theory removes the steel steps, which sets O'Reilly off. The commentators sell it that O'Reilly's career almost ended because of steel steps. O'Reilly then brings in a flurry of offense. He hits multiple kicks and elbows in on Austin Theory; Kyle goes to the top rope and lands a knee on Theory. He then locks in an armbar, and Theory has to tap out.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

- Legado del Fantasma comes out and says he was going to show people the best music in the world, "Mariachi." Santos Escobar comes out and cuts an "all you people" promo and says he is not going to the Hit Row thing and sing and stuff. He calls out Hit Row and says he is going to take the North American Championship. Hit Row comes and raps a promo, and Swerve Scott tells Santos Escobar he is "going to make him his bitch". The Hit Row enters the ring, and Legado del Fantasma attacks. Each guy goes after another, Escobar leaves the ring. Joaquin Wilde is in the ring by himself with The Hit Row; Swerve Scott takes out Wilde with a guitar.

- The Way has a backstage promo; Indi Hartwell tells Candice LeRae that she is hard on everyone in the group. Austin Theory somewhat teases that he is not being listened to and The Way is falling apart.

- We get a promo for this week's NXT UK episode.

- Samoa Joe is by the entrance waiting for Killer Kross to arrive; Regal tells Joe that "Kross will be here" and tells him he needs to greet him peacefully.

NXT Breakout Tournament
Andre Chase vs. Odyssey Jones

Andre Chase and Odyssey Jones start with a tie-up, but it does not go well. Chase goes for the shoulder tackle, but he hits the ground right away. Chase gets some stiff punches and kicks in. Jones goes to the outside, and Chase dives over the top-rope, and Jones goes to catch him but does not and lands awkwardly. Nevertheless, Chase is getting a ton of offense in. Jones then returns and gets in a ton of offense; Jones throws a few heavy rights and then sends Chase to the ropes, hits a huge fallaway slam, and ends it to get the victory.

Winner: Odyssey Jones

- We get a promo of MSK talking about their future challengers, but then Imperium promo cuts them off and says they will challenge them.

- We get a promo with Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan challenging Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher for next week's show.

LA Knight (w/ Cameron Grimes) vs. Drake Maverick

The bell rings with LA Knight giving instructions to Cameron Grimes on how to hold the Million Dollar Belt. Knight turns around, and Maverick starts attacking him right away. He takes Maverick down with ease; Knight then rolls out of the ring, giving further instruction to Grimes. Knight gets back into the ring, and Maverick gets some offense in, but Knight stops him again. Knight tells Grimes to hold the belt up again, and this time, Maverick hits Knight from behind and Knight's head hits the Million Dollar Belt and Maverick then rolls up Knight and gets the upset win.

After the match, Grimes is telling Maverick that he has to leave the ring. Knight hits Maverick with a big clothesline. Knight then beats down Maverick some more; Grimes stops him and tells him enough. Knight then tells Grimes he has to hit Maverick. Grimes reluctantly obliges and hits Maverick.

Winner: Drake Maverick

- Killer Kross's vehicle appears on-screen, Samoa Joe meets it right away, but Kross is not in it. Instead, the driver tells Joe that Kross is in the front.

- NXT commentators remind the viewers that for the next two week's NXT will be on SyFy.

NXT Women's Championship Match
Xia Li vs. Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)

Before the match, Xia Li and Raquel Gonzalez get into each other's faces, and then the bell rings. Gonzalez basically tosses Li around; Li then comes back with a few strikes. Finally, Gonzalez nails Li with a huge big boot. Li is on the outside; Gonzalez goes after her, yells at Li, and says, "Is this what you wanted ."

Gonzalez goes for another big kick but misses, and Li punishes her for it. Li brings a variety of attacks to Gonzalez. Li pushes Gonzalez into the steel steps and gets back into the ring. Gonzalez is hurting, and Li is in complete control and punishing Gonzalez as we go to our last picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the break, we see Gonzalez getting a few kicks in. However, Li is not relenting and going after the left leg of Gonzalez. Li has Gonzalez in a single-leg crab. Gonzalez gets out of it, and Gonzalez goes to try and finish it with the powerbomb, but the leg goes out on her. Li then goes after the leg again; Li throws a right, and this gets Gonzalez fired up, and she hits Li with a massive chop. The two trainer's check in on Li after Gonzalez puts all her weight down on Li after using the turnbuckle for the second rope splash. Gonzalez then hits Li with the one-armed powerbomb and gets the win.

- Samoa Joe comes out calling Kross; Karrion Kross appears on screen and tells Joe that he can do whatever he wants and that Joe went after him first. Kross then shows that he took out William Regal and leaves with Samoa Joe, trying to catch him before leaving the CWC. Then, the show goes off the air.

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