NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver - NXT North American Title - Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed Result

NXT North American Championship Match

Johnny Gargano (c) (w/ Austin Theory) vs Bronson Reed

WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage for 7/26/21 RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Reed tosses Johnny around the ring and counters a head scissors and runs over Johnny before hitting a military press into a fall away slam. Reed beats Johnny down in the corner before Johnny hits a slingshot spear and Reed drops him with an open hand palm strike. Johnny chops Reed down before elbowing and kneeing Reed before Reed rolls out of the ring and Johnny sends him into the announce table before they get back inside and Johnny focuses on his midsection. Johnny grounds Reed with a rear chin lock before Reed hits a powerslam into a uranage and DVD for a near fall before Johnny hits a draping back stabber. Reed counters a suplex into one of his own before missing a running senton and Johnny gets two off of a crucifix before Johnny hits a poison rana into the Gargano Escape. Reed gets to the bottom rope for the break before rolling out of the ring and onto the ramp before Reed counters One Final Beat into a Razors Edge over the top rope. Reed misses a Tsunami Splash before Johnny superkicks him for a near fall before Reed catches a kick and headbutts Johnny before hitting a wrist lock lariat. Austin distracts Reed which allows Johnny to crotch him up top before Reed hits a powerbomb and Austin breaks up a near fall. Reed then kicks out of One Final Beat before superkicking Johnny and missing a moonsault before Johnny hits a pair of One Final Beats for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano retains his NXT North American Championship by defeating Bronson Reed via pinfall.

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