NXT TakeOver: In Your House - Six-Woman Tag Team Match Result

Six Women Tag Team Match

Mia and Candice start things off before Candice tags in Raquel almost immediately and they lock up before Raquel shoves Mia back into the corner and tosses her away when Mia goes for a waist lock takedown. Mia goes for a standing guillotine before Raquel muscles her way out and Mia tags in Nox who gets dropped with a shoulder tackle before Nox rolls up Kai when she comes in. Nox catches a kick and hits Kai with a forearm before Kai rolls Nox up for two and they counter each other's pin attempts before Nox headbutts Kai and hits a running back elbow in the corner into an inverted cannonball for two. Shotzi comes in and hits a bulldog before she gets caught in the ropes and Kai rocks her with a kick for two before Candice misses a step up senton and rolls out of the ring before all of the women face off and take turns hitting topes. Back in the ring Shotzi hits a diving meteora into an inverted cannonball with Candice in the ropes for two before locking in a double armbar with a bridge that Kai breaks up.

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Raquel clotheslines Shotzi when Kai is busy with the referee for two by Candice before Candice drags Shotzi to the corner and Kai comes back in and chokes Shotzi in the corner. Kai, Raquel and LeRae isolate Shotzi before Shotzi hits a jawbreaker into an enzuigiri to Kai before LeRae drags her away from her corner and Shotzi slides through her legs to get the tag to Mia. Mia clotheslines LeRae several times before hitting a bridging dragon suplex for two and hits Raquel on the apron before Candice counters Soul Food into a suplex before Raquel and Tegan get tags for their respective teams. Tegan rocks Raquel with a flurry of strikes before Raquel catches her when she runs the ropes and powerbombs her when she goes for a head scissors for a two count that Mia breaks up. Mia and Candice then brawl to the back before Kai accidentally boots Raquel and Nox chokeslams Kai before Shotzi hits Raquel with a shiranui and Nox hits Kai with The Shiniest Wizard for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart and Mia Yim defeat Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez and Candice LeRae via pinfall.

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