NXT WarGames 2021 - Men's WarGames Match Result

Enter the new age.

Bron Breakker led Team 2.0 to victory in WarGames.

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After a hellacious WarGames match, the NXT veterans left it all in the ring. DIY got back together briefly, but ultimately, It was Team 2.0's night.

Men's WarGames Match
Team Black & Gold (Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight) vs Team 2.0 (Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller & Tony D'Angelo)

Johnny and Carmelo kick the match off before Grayson enters next and faces off with Johnny before suplexing him and counters a head scissors into a backbreaker before Johnny hits a head scissors and a rolling kick before 2.0 double up on Johnny. Johnny comes back and hits Grayson with a neckbreaker and makes him DDT Carmelo before Trick tosses a chair into the ring and Johnny knocks him off of the side of the cage with it before Carmelo chokes Johnny with the chair as time ticks down. Once the clock runs out Pete comes out and evens the odds for the NXT veterans before dropping both Carmelo and Grayson and suplexing Carmelo onto Grayson and Johnny and Pete double up on Carmelo before the two drop 2.0 with buzzsaw kicks. Johnny and Pete lock in dueling submissions as time ticks down and Grayson takes out Johnny and Pete with stunners before Tony comes in and he and Trick bring kendo sticks, a table and a crutch out from underneath the ring before Trick pulls Dexter out from underneath the ring and pursues Trick to the back. Tony chains the door shut and 2.0 beat on Johnny and Pete with a trash can and its lid as time counts down and LA tries to enter the match, but can't get into the cage before he finally gets in by climbing in and taking out both Carmelo and Tony.

LA takes out all three members of 2.0 before Johnny and Pete hit running dropkicks into the corner into Grayson with a trash can on top of him before Bron enters the match by breaking the chain with bolt cutters. Bron takes out all four members of the veteran team before Tommaso enters last and the match officially begins as he beats down 2.0 single-handedly before DIY reunite and team up on 2.0. Bron powerbombs Johnny onto Tommaso before 2.0 take control until the two teams brawl and Team B&G stomp 2.0 against the cage before Johnny and Pete lawn dart Carmelo into a trash can before LA surplexes Grayson through a table. They hit a tower of doom before LA hits Carmelo with a one percenter for a near fall that Tony breaks up before Tommaso hits an air raid crash off of the top onto a trash can with Bron for a near fall before Grayson dives off of the cage onto LA through a table for a near fall that Pete breaks up. Tony takes out Pete before Tommaso and Bron exchange strikes until Bron hits a head scissors and Johnny hits a slingshot DDT before DIY hit Meet in the Middle for a near fall when Carmelo pulls the referee away.

Tommaso then goes for the Fairytale Ending before Bron spears him through a table and hits a powerslam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Team 2.0 defeat Team Black & Gold when Bron pins Tommaso.

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