Olympian Tareg Hamedi Knocks Out Mustafa Ali At WWE Crown Jewel 2021

Mustafa Ali picked the wrong night to mess with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mustafa Ali already had a rough night planned attempting to beat Mansoor of his hometown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but after he would lose the match to Mansoor, it would only get worse from there.

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Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor

Mansoor and Mustafa lock up before Mansoor takes Mustafa down with a side headlock take over before Mustafa gets to his feet and the two exchange wrist locks and Mansoor hits a jumping splash before sending Mustafa out of the ring. Mustafa rips Mansoor off of the apron and down onto the floor before sending him into the barricade and playing to the crowd before tossing him back inside and locking in a camel clutch. Mustafa hits a tornado DDT before beating Mansoor down in the corner and Mansoor comes back with strikes and a spine buster and beats and stomps Mustafa down in the corner before Mustafa catches him with a boot and Mansoor turns Mustafa inside out. Mustafa rolls out of the ring to avoid the cover before catching Mansoor with a kick when he goes for suicide dive before Mansoor hits a suplex into the corner and a moonsault for a near fall. Ali locks in a submission before Mansoor gets to the ropes for the break. Mustafa then misses a 450 before Mansoor hits a slingshot neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mansoor defeats Mustafa Ali via pinfall.

After the match, Saudi Arabian Olympian Tareg Hamedi would knock out Mustafa Ali after Ali attacked Mansoor in a display of poor sportsmanship.

It was first reported this morning on Fightful Select that Hamedi would be involved in the show to some capacity.

Yesterday, Fightful Select was informed that Saudi Olympic karateke Tareg Hamedi was planned in some capacity for the WWE Crown Jewel show. This morning ahead of the show, he was in the ring, working with Mansoor, Mustafa Ali and Charles Robinson ahead of the show as they went over their match. We're unsure of the capacity in which he's planned to appear.

Hamedi took the Silver medal in the 2020 Summer Olympic games, which actually took place just months ago due to a delay from the pandemic, competing in the 75kg kilogram division of kumite.

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