Orange Cassidy On Waiting In A Trunk: It's Really Tight, You Sweat A Bunch, You Can't Breathe

Orange Cassidy has become known for showing up in random place on AEW televion. Whether he's chilling on a ladder, coming out of a cake, or popping out of the trunk of a car; you never know where Orange Cassidy might show up.

Orange Cassidy isn't the only member of the Best Friends group who may show up when you least expect it.

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During Arcade Anarchy, it was Kris Statlander who made a surprise appearance in an inanimate object, popping out of the claw machine.

Speaking to Stephanie Chase, Trent revealed that spot was originally reserved for him.

"It was originally supposed to be me in the claw machine. I felt like my guy doesn't come out of a claw machine. I felt like Orange Cassidy comes out of a claw machine. I thankfully got it switched to my mom driving me," he said. "I always hated being backstage before matches where it's really dark right before going out. It gives me anxiety. Whenever we have to go in the van for a match or for anything, I hate sitting in the van. It is not what I want to be doing before I have to wrestle, sitting down with my mom slowly driving and she's talking to me like things are normal. So much anxiety."

Speaking about the Arcade Anarchy match, which saw Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor defeat Miro & Kip Sabian, the Best Friends revealed how the match came together.

"That was very last minute," said Chuck. "I believe we started shooting around 9 pm and around 5, we still didn't know what the hell we were going to have. Then, they brought us a bunch of arcade machines and told us there was only one we could touch. It was interesting to try and figure out what the hell we were going to do because it was a lot of stuff we didn't know we were going to have and a lot of stuff we weren't allowed to touch."

Trent added, "I was going to smash Miro through some kind of machine and there wasn't an extra machine for me to smash him through. We just assumed there was. It was a last-minute decision to just put a table sideways. It was a lot like the Parking Lot match where the day before we had no idea what to expect."

In the Parking Lot brawl against Santana & Ortiz, the Best Friends were victorious thanks to some help from Orange Cassidy, who popped out of a trunk.

"It's really tight, you sweat a bunch, and no, you can't breathe," he said about waiting in the trunk.

Chuckie T elaborated for him by saying, "Orange said, after the Parking Lot fight because he was stuck in the trunk the whole time, he said he opened up the trunk and came out and he saw everything normal, but he opens the trunk and there is blood everywhere, everything is broken, there is trash thrown about and he's like 'what the hell happened here?' All he could hear is noises. 'Are my friends dead?'"

Speaking the most words he's ever spoken, Orange Cassidy explained their fascination with wanting to come out of so many things.

"If you know, you know we like to jump out of stuff. If we have a claw machine, someone is obviously going to come out of the claw machine. Why not have our alien friend jump out? Chuck just hasn't had an opportunity to jump out of anything yet. You don't think he's chomping, just waiting to hide in a closet or a shelf? I came out of a cake. If there's a large object, we're coming out of it," said OC.

Though Chuckie T hasn't randomly appeared, it's not for a lack of effort.

"Every Dynamite, I'm hiding in something. They just never show it. Give me a nice pinata. It just looks like me, it's a pinata of my own head and I jump out of it," said Chuck Taylor.

No candy, just Chuckie T.

Elsewhere during the interview, Orange Cassidy gave his reaction to finding out Tony Khan purchased The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" as his entrance song. You can view his full comments by clicking here.

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