Otis Says The Only Thing Missing From His WrestleMania Moment With Mandy Rose Was The Audience

Otis finally got the girl at WrestleMania 36 when Mandy Rose came to his aid during his match against Dolph Ziggler. The only thing missing was a packed audience.

Speaking with Between The Ropes, Otis said his one regret is that there was nobody in the audience.

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“That is the only thing I’m sad about, brother. This story just reminds me when the drama is happening, people are circling everybody, you know, and they’re like, Oh, yeah, you know, they’re picking, picking their favorites. That definitely, I hear from my co-workers that are veterans, they’ll be like you never forget your first WrestleMania experience with the crowd. That first time, it’s something that it’s crazy and I was very excited of course. That vision is still in my head of hopefully someday. In life, there’s only one guarantee and that’s there are no guarantees and that’s life. So you gotta basically take what you can when you get the opportunities. But yeah, it was great to have the reactions on my phone when it happened because a lot of people are like 'oh, yeah, kiss Mandy, she’s like a beautiful peach'. I think it was trending number one on Twitter at the time when we connected lips. But yeah, it’s somewhere. I was like, dang, man, this is awesome but that crowd. I mean, oh. The vision of this, imagine the closer and closer I got to Mandy and picked her up to my arms. Then we get that look like do you guys think we’re going to do it? Oh yeah and then connect the lips, you know, tasty lips of Mandy’s,” he began. “Man, the crowd absolutely would have been crazy. The crowd at the Royal Rumble, when she was getting eliminated and I was on the ground sneaking around the ring and she landed on me and she wasn’t eliminated. That was a nuts reaction itself, man. If you watch it back when Mandy falls out of the ring and she lands on my 335-pound sexy body you know what I mean? It was like the first three rows noticed it and then the whole arena noticed it in that baseball stadium. It was nuts, man. I could have imagined WrestleMania but we’re with these times during a pandemic and you have to keep it safe but as long you can still see it through the camera, baby.”

Otis would go on to praise how pleasant Mandy Rose is outside of the squared circle while remarking how difficult it can be for them not to break character during their comedy scenes.

“You can tell she was raised with brothers because it’s just awesome now. Everybody asks how’s Mandy behind the curtain. She’s awesome, man. Some may be surprised being but being that beautiful and being that humble at the same time, it’s awesome, man. The hardest part of the storyline is making sure she doesn’t laugh or I don’t laugh at certain things in the backstage segments but it’s fun. We’ve always been cool and when we started doing the storylines it was just like what can we fine-tune, what are we trying to tell the people but it’s been crazy how accepting like the (WWE) universe is about it,” he continued. “Even outside of the (WWE) universe. A lot of my old buddies from Olympic wrestling are like, oh my gosh, she’s so beautiful. I said, yeah, I know. Heavy Machinery baby. She’s with us. Yes, blue-collar solid now. It’s been nothing but awesome and just love and respect forever for working with Mandy, Sonya, Dolph. It’s been nothing but fun doing these matches, doing these characters, getting in there and entertaining people because having me locked in a house isn’t going to work so well. I’ll start going crazy and hitting walls. I’m kidding, I don’t do none of that.”

Otis is now Mr. Money in the Bank and will carry that briefcase until he chooses to cash it in for a championship opportunity. He claims he will only use the opportunity for the Tag Team Championships. Learn more at this link.

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