Owens And Ellsworth Rejoice At Talking Smack's Demise, Renee Young Claps Back

Never let it be said that Kevin Owens isn't a great heel.

Yes some of us love to cheer him, but that's only because he's so good at being bad.

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Case in point, yesterday he decided to make some wrestling fans mad on Twitter, so he looked at the thing that we all love and are upset is being taken away from us, and he mocked our pain.

He's really good at it.

Yes, we're all upset that Talking Smack is being removed from the WWE Network schedule as a weekly show, and KO realizes it, so he just cheers the thing we hate. 

He's a natural.

You know who else is a natural at it, surprisingly? James Ellsworth.

Check this out:

It's pretty amazing when you stop to think that just one year ago, Ellsworth was jobber fodder for Braun Strowman's first solo match. Looks like he's been taking his cues from KO, and that's not a bad mentor to have.

However, if you thought that Owens and Ellsworth's heelish ways would go unnoticed by Renee Young, intrepid former host of the former Talking Smack, you're very wrong. She noticed, and she declared war.

However, Renee should know that Kevin Owens never backs down from a fight.

And also Owens takes no prisoners, and holds no allegiances.

I am looking forward to the continuation of this feud between OwensWorth and Renee Young.

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