Paige Opens Up About Her Time Away From WWE, Sex Tape And Failed Drug Tests On This Season Of Total Divas

This season of Total Divas will have plenty of focus on Paige.

Total Divas is back on the E! Network tonight, Sept. 19, and while the season begins at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, the show will dive into Paige's whirlwind couple of years. Speaking to Mirror UK to promote the show, Paige revealed that she'll discuss her time away from WWE, the leaked sex tape, failing drug tests, and more during the season.

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"You hear a bunch of my stories, the year and a half I took out, just everything. All the trouble I got myself into... I was just very open about everything," said Paige. "I was very open with the taped sex that unfortunately got leaked, the popping [failing] of drug tests, I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know? Obviously they get to see stuff like my neck injury, my emotions becoming general manager, it just has so much," she continued. "I have so much to share with you guys and again you just see a different side of me, you get to see Saraya, more than you get to see Paige."

While Total Divas sounds like an emotional rollercoaster for Paige this season, the E! Network cameras weren't the only ones following her around this year. In the interview, Paige revealed that she was filming a WWE Network show titled Chronicle upon her WWE return as well.

"There is this guy called Joey, who does all the Chronicles on the WWE Network, I was the first one to have a Chronicle, but it's yet to be released because they were just going to wait for the movie to come out or whatever," said Paige. "I was the first one to have a Chronicle and it shows me the first day I come back in WWE, walking into the building, seeing everyone for the first time, then literally wrestling every single week, having my singles match with Sasha, doing this, doing that, then it shows me breaking my neck, pretty much."

Fighting With My Family, Paige's biopic produced by The Rock, is set to release in March 2019. Despite the footage being filmed for Chronicle, Paige isn't 100 percent sure the episode will come out.

While the last year-and-a-half have been rough for the former Divas Champion, Paige credited the fans to help get her to where she is today.

"Yeah I feel it definitely helped a lot and the people who kind of got me out of my rut - I was at rock bottom for a year and a half - and the people who got me out of my rut were my fans. They were just like 'I know you can get out of this, you're stronger than what you feel right now, I know you can make a comeback' and it just inspired me like 'you're right, why do I feel like I'm giving up right now?'" stated Paige. "It just motivated me beyond... it motivated me more so than I've ever been in my life. Especially when my neck issues came around and I couldn't wrestle anymore, I was like 'okay, this isn't the end of me, this is the start of something new, this is a different chapter of my story'. I just never wanted to give up."

Paige announced her retirement from in-ring competition on April 9 on Raw. She was named the new SmackDown Live General Manager a day later

Total Divas premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET. 

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