Patrick Stump Is A Local Indie Wrestler In Music Video For Fall Out Boy's 'Hold Me Like A Grudge'

In a future where Pete Wentz is a cyborg, Patrick Stump is delivering suplexes.

In a surprising follow-up to "This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race," the music video for Fall Out Boys new single "Hold Me Like a Grudge" explores a Multiverse scenario where Pete Wentz breaks his leg, becomes a cyborg superhero for 20 years, and Patrick Stump has to become a local professional wrestler.

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Speaking to Kerrang, Wentz explains how this song is a follow-up to the music video for their Infinity On High single and how Patrick Stump designed his character.

"This video starts at Arms Race, and I fall and I break my leg, and then they fix my leg, but it’s bionic, and I become a superhero for 20 years, and we don’t do the band, and it’s a different timeline. We get a call from a guy who’s in the future but the past, and the space-time continuum is broken, and so I go and find Patrick, who’s a local wrestler (laughs) who’s in this amazing muscle suit – which was a role he designed," Pete explained.

Stump explained that he had wanted to be an actor years ago but never felt as though he had the physicality for the roles he wanted. Therefore, he thought this role would be funny.

Pete continued, "So, he's a wrestler, and our records are disappearing as we go a la Back To The Future Part II, and we get Andy who’s a monk, and we get Joe who’s a [motion capture] actor so he’s in a green suit with the dots. And then we go back to the Arms Race video when it’s black and white, and the whole world is chaos, and it’s been sucked up, and basically, we have to get this hat on Patrick’s head (laughs), and we save the continuum.”

The music video is a good time with the wrestler that Patrick is competing against played Mike Ferguson, an actor, wrestler, and Krav Maga instructor.

Fall Out Boy's centuries was once the theme song for WWE SmackDown and their music has been featured on the WWE 2K video games in the past. Their new album, So Much (For Stardust), is now available on all streaming platforms.

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