Paul Heyman Has Written Screenplays, More Interested In Quality Than Selling To The Highest Bidder

Paul Heyman is only concerned with working on quality projects.

Paul Heyman has conquered the wrestling industry in every way possible for a character that does not specialize in the bell-to-bell action. Now, he is talking about his ventures into Hollywood.

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Speaking on El Brunch de WWE on WWE’s Spanish-speaking social media channels, Paul Heyman opens up about writing screenplays for Hollywood and selling them but immediately buying them back when it was clear that the ultimate vision wouldn't be able to match that which Paul saw in his mind's eye.

“I have written some scripts. A writing partner of mine and I actually sold a script back in 2005 or 2006 but we didn't like the director that they were going to pick for the movie, so we bought the script back. We sold it again in 2010-2011, right around that time, and again, we had some rights about buying the script back and we did. I'm a control freak and I like to do things a certain way and I have a demand for a certain quality in the things that I am associated with or I don't want to be involved in them. I want things to be great. Greatest of all time, best you've ever seen. If it's not that, I don't want to be part of it.”

Paul Heyman equated this feeling to his ability to be able to find a place for himself on WWE television following Brock Lesnar's release from his contract in 2020.

“It's why, for Paul Heyman, there was life after the run with Brock Lesnar. Because, if you think of what we accomplished in our 18 years together, both in WWE and UFC, [and] in writing a book, which was the best biography by a UFC or MMA fighter ever, my God, what else could I do in this industry. But then there was Roman Reigns. That's an opportunity associated with something that can go down as the greatest of all time.

“So, in terms of screenplays, yes I have written them. No, I will not just throw it out to the highest bidder oh, I'm going to want a certain amount of control so that I can make sure that anything that I present to the public is of the utmost quality.”

In the past, Paul Heyman's need for quality control has affected his working relationship with Vince McMahon, someone who is also known for wanting to be hands-on and all of his projects.

It appears as though Paul Heyman has found a good balance at the side of Roman Reigns and they will continue to rule over SmackDown for as long as Roman Reigns is WWE Universal Champion.

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