Paul Heyman Praises Renee Young For Bringing Out The Best In Him

Paul Heyman received universal praise for his Aug. 6 sit-down interview with Renee Young on Raw. In the interview, Heyman took fans on a rollercoaster of emotions as he details his relationship with Brock Lesnar, which seemed to be on a shaky ground at the time. 

While everyone credited Heyman's performance, Heyman credited Young.

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On Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Young was asked about the interview with Heyman. Before she answered, Deitsch shared a social media DM sent to him by Heyman.

"I've been the recipient of quite a bit of praise regarding an interview I did on WWE Monday Night Raw and truth be told the unsung hero of that televised moment was Renee Young. I was given the opportunity to work with a total pro; someone was willing to invest her own emotions into a dramatic presentation in which I could tell the story of my anguish and uncertainty over Brock Lesnar's betrayal of our relationship," said Heyman. "I was only able to tap into what was necessary for that segment because I had the chance to look into Renee's eyes and see the level of apprehension in asking the questions and her discomfort at witnessing indeed experiencing the advocate's pain with which was being projected to the world inches away from her." Heyman continues, "There's an old expression, 'You're only as good as your dance partner.' I was blessed on that day to be given the opportunity to look so good, looking so bad, because I got to dance on camera with Renee. I am forever in her debt for I am the beneficiary of a ton of credit that rightfully needs to be shared equally with her."

Young, flattered by the compliment paid to her, offered up her own praise for Heyman and how he's always treated her during her time in the WWE.

"He's always been so kind to me. He has just had my back so much. From the point where I was maybe here for a year or two and still figuring out what I was going to be doing," said Young. "Trying to prove myself. I would sit up in the stands and talk to Paul. He would give me advice and he's always been so great at giving nuggets of wisdom to me. And telling me all of the great things that I could one day accomplish."

Young went on to discuss why she loves working with Heyman and how he's able to bring out the best in her.

"One thing I've always loved about working with Paul is that it really taps into what my initial background is, which is method acting. I did improv and acting and somehow became a TV host. To be able to use those things, and I don't get to use those skills all that much, but when I do get to use those skills with Paul Heyman, I feel a little lighter and happier," stated Young. "I love being able to do those things. He has a way of drawing things out of you. I love even attempting, in any capacity, to step up and go toe-to-toe with Paul even if it's just me being able to maintain eye contact with him as he's doing this poetic beautiful piece and I get to be part of that, it's amazing."

You can view the sit-down interview that aired on Raw in the video above. Below is what happened after the Raw cameras stopped rolling. 


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