Paul Heyman On The Relatability That Liv Morgan Brings To WWE, Talks Working With Her In 2019

In 2019 as Liv Morgan was searching for herself, she found Paul Heyman to be someone in a position of power that understood the relatable nature her character could bring to the WWE product and was willing to invest in her.

In 2019, Paul Heyman became the first-ever executive director of Monday Night Raw. On the season premiere in September of that year, Paul Heyman closed that show by introducing a new storyline where Bobby Lashley and Lana, then married to Rusev, were having an affair. This particular storyline would reach its apex on the final Monday Night Raw of the year where Lana and Lashley would get married unbeknownst to them, Liv Morgan would make her return to reveal herself as a former lover of Lana to crash the wedding.

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This was the culmination of a long journey for Morgan. Earlier that year, Morgan was drafted to SmackDown and outside of a single match with Charlotte Flair, she never was seen on the brand again. The new documentary, ‘Liv Forever,’ currently on WWE Network follows Liv Morgan throughout the trials and tribulations of that time where creative simply had nothing for her.

Toward the end of the documentary, as they began to cover the moment where Liv re-debuted on Raw, Paul Heyman spoke about What attracted him to Liv Morgan and why he feels she is the perfectly relatable character for the current generation.

“What did I see in Liv Morgan? A confused kid who can't find her way in life, that has dreams that are defined in her head that she can't articulate or convey to her friends or the masses, but is chasing an indescribable dream that only she herself can truly understand,” Heyman began. “There are so many people out there just like that. My daughter is 18 and she always tells me, 'stop trying to define me,' and that's what we, as an entertainment company, try to do. We try to define every character with absolute. Here is the exception that defines a rule because Liv can't be defined and she doesn't want to be. Because no one that age wants a label placed on them.”

Paul Heyman would say that he was so proud of what Liv Morgan and Lana created on the final Raw of 2019 and he would say that it is an indescribable high that only people who have been in the industry can understand.

“When you look at a blank piece of paper and then you start to put the elements together, 'and then, oh, and then this twist and this turn,' and then you see it happen in front of your eyes and it plays out in front of a live audience with millions watching at home and however many in the arena watching it live. The ‘oohs and ahs,' the twists and turns and as it plays out as well as it did and Liv and Lana delivering the way that they did, that's a high that you get as a writer, director, producer, whatever the title is that is afforded in the genre of entertainment that, to this day, I haven't been able to convey to anybody that hasn't lived it themselves.”

Liv Morgan recently spoke with Ryan Satin and admitted there was a feeling of trepidation inside of her regarding crashing the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana. She also discussed why having Paul Heyman in her corner meant so much. Read her comments at this link.

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