Paul Heyman Shares What He Texted Edge After He Announced His Retirement

Edge was the sole guest on the latest edition of Talking Smack and had a heart-to-heart conversation with Paul Heyman.

Their encounter started with Heyman commending Edge for returning at the 2020 Royal Rumble after being retired for 9 years with the hopes of living out his dream; to be the main event of WrestleMania. Unfortunately, on that night, his dreams were dashed when Roman Reigns eliminated him from the match. Regardless, he persevered for another year, finally earning the spot he so desperately craved.

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Edge questioned Heyman's sincerity, saying that he was living dangerously talking so much crap. That said, he understands why; Roman cuts his cheques. He's his proverbial Bundini Brown. He followed up by pointing out how he is the Godfather of the TLC match. Reigns may be The Head of the Table, but The Rated-R Superstar "obliterates" tables.

Calling back to a comment Heyman made a few weeks ago about "Christians," Edge jested about their respective faiths and how he didn't know what he was talking about.

Continuing, Edge spoke about all about how he and Heyman are similar, even thanking him for being one of the first people to believe in him, referencing "the SmackDown Six." Heyman responded by saying the following:

"You know, my father used to teach me the story of the carrot and the stick. You dangle that carrot in front of the horse because that's the lure. 9 years 364 days ago you were forced into retirement. My God, no one could write this story. Ten years to the day of your retirement, you get to main event WrestleMania for the Universal Championship, which in your heart, you feel you never lost.

If you wanted to go public and show the world all the text messages you received that night, how many hundreds of your contemporaries wrote to you, 'I'm so sorry. Oh my God. This is a tragedy. How awful this is. How terrible this is. I'm sorry. I wish this wasn't happening to you.' Not I. I wrote to you, 'Great promo, kid. First day of your miraculous comeback to live out your dreams.' I didn't hear from you for about two days and I thought, 'Oh my God, I pissed him off. I shouldn't have said that.' You finally wrote me back and you wrote, 'Paul, my dream is to main event WrestleMania, and I will live out my dream. I promise.'"

Paul knew that nothing would stop Edge from living out his dream. Once that bell rings tomorrow night, he will have done it. However, "at that moment... that's when reality is going to bitch-slap you right in the face. Because across from the ring is not the carrot, that's the moment when the horse realizes the carrot is sour. Because across the ring is the stick and that stick's name is Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is the reality that you will witness when you wake up from your dream," said Heyman.

The Tribal Chief's Special Council offers a spoiler next, letting Edge know that Roman Reigns will take the final breath from his body if need be. What's more, at WrestleMania, it won't just be a massacre, he says that Reigns is going to beat Edge "fugly." Heyman then hugged Edge and apologized for what's going to happen in the ring tomorrow night.

Edge replied, resting his forehead on Heyman's and said, "I once crawled to make the cover in a match while my arm was turning grey, and smoking, and bubbling from second-degree burns with barbed-wire punctures in my stomach and thumbtacks lodged into every part of my body after diving face-first into a flaming table just to mark my territory and show that I belong in the main event of WrestleMania. I did all of that just to show that I deserve to be in the main event of WrestleMania, so what do you think I will do, and what depths do you think I will find when I am in the main event of WrestleMania?"

Edge is set to face Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship on Night Two of WrestleMania 37. Fightful will have live coverage of the event on both Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11 beginning at 4 p.m. PST.

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