PCO Details The Time He Spent Training With Georges St. Pierre, Says He Learned A Lot

PCO has shared some details about his time training with UFC legend Georges St. Pierre.

Speaking with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, the former Ring of Honor World Champion revealed that he and St. Pierre trained together for three months and that it was nonstop, from morning until night. GSP was disciplined and would do four to five courses every single day. He said the following:

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"Georges (is) one of the most disciplined athletes that I've seen around me. When I trained with him it was just training from morning to night. Basically, if we (finished) training in the gym, for escalation -- just body parts and everything, bodybuilding type of deal where everything (is) for strength, then we would go to his house and we'd run some sprints and then we would run like -- basically a bunch of sprints. I remember it was during December, it was super cold and a lot of ice and snow and we would go every day. After that I would do my own thing so he would -- he was going to his striking coaches and then he had his jiu-jitsu course and then -- he had like four or five training (sessions) per day. Was non-stop. When I trained with him, for maybe three months, and man, I learned so much."

Based on everything he saw and learned from GSP during their time together, PCO was not surprised to see success follow his fellow Quebecois native. What separates Georges from others is that he loves to train while some only do it because they have to. Here is what he said:

"When I saw him having all the success that he had, to me, it was no fluke, no luck. A lot of people sometimes they think someone is lucky to have great skills, but he worked for everything that he had. Even on his days off, he would reinvest his money. Like let's say he would have a big fight and then he would have two, three months off, he would just go on a trip (to) Thailand and just find a place to train there. Or if he would fly to Japan for conferences and things like that, he would find the time to train. He just loves it, though. I mean, (you) still got to be disciplined, but he's very passionate about what he does. So, when you got the passion of what you're doing that helps a little bit, but sometimes I've seen other pros that didn't have much of -- they train hard but -- I've sometimes had the feeling that a lot of the guys trained because they had to train. But Georges, I felt he trained because he liked to train. It was just the way he was built. Just the way he built himself basically because it's all about habits. It has to become a habit."

St. Pierre was last seen in the octagon winning the middleweight title from Michael Bisping at UFC 217 in 2018 and retired for the second time afterward. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2020.

Kenny Florian recently said - based on what he was told by a well-known coach - that the Canadian may be preparing for a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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