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Here is your fight-size update for Wednesday, March 31, 2021:

- In accordance with their new policies of getting rid of old WWE content that no longer matches up with their current ethics standards, Peacock and WWE Network have removed the D-Generation X skit where they mimic the nation of domination from SummerSlam 1998 on both platforms. During the sketch, members of the group wore blackface.

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- Speaking to Forbes, Kurt Angle opened up about how to prepare for a match against Brock Lesnar, with the intention of making it out of the match without getting hurt.

“Especially when I had a broken neck. Yeah. That was the toughest decision I ever made because Brock's a beast and his power and strength is unparalleled. The only people I know that are as strong as him, but they aren’t as explosive, are Mark Henry and Big Show. But Brock is just explosive and his belly-to-belly suplexes are brutal. But, I wanted to do it. I actually talked to Vince into allowing me to wrestle at WrestleMania with my neck broken, and I got cleared by the doctor. That wouldn't happen today. But in 2003, you could get away with a little more stuff. But now there's just no way there's too much liability.”

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Drew McIntyre praised special Olympics Athlete Derek Baker, who has recently been featured on WWE programming.

“I have so much respect for Derek and the way he’s bringing happiness to people through these incredible videos,” says McIntyre, who recently partnered with Special Olympics for an online workout series. “He’s stepped out of his comfort zone to do it. In any walk of life, that is a very difficult thing to do, yet it is quite apparent in these videos that Derek has done it with joy.”

- It's Wednesday, and you know what that means. Tony Khan recently reflected on Brodie Lee via his Twitter.

- Speaking of Brodie Lee, Brodie Lee Jr was recently getting in reps at the Nightmare Factory in Georgia.

- The sixth episode of NBC's Young Rock on Tuesday 3/30 brought in over 2 million overnight viewers, officially drawing 2,583,000 viewers.

- Speaking with WrestleZone, Myron Reed commented on the genuine bond between the members of Injustice.

“Like you said, it’s organic, it’s real. When we were together, we were always together. Same hotel playing video games together, writing stuff down, just trying to figure out what’s the game plan? What are we going for, what are we doing? Always, everything we did together, worked out together, the shows. We had to be a group, we had to learn each other, you know what I mean,” Reed noted, “if we were gonna be a team out there.”

- Today, WWE stock closed at $54.26 per share.

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