Perry Saturn Recalls Triple H Saying Test Could Eat An Apple Through A Fence

Perry Saturn recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A. You can check out a few highlights from it below, and make sure to check out the full Q&A at this link!

Working with Test:

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"I worked with Test on a WWE house show and the boys like Hunter (Triple H) and Billy Gunn were ribbing him about being buck tooth. During the match his teeth hit me and I had to get stitches. Hunter said he could eat an apple through a fence."

John Kronus:

"John was awesome, man. He had this deal, sometimes somebody you're wrestling they don't cooperate and can lead to an altercation. We had the code word Boston and that let us know that it was a shoot. Sandman hit me across the face with a cane and John rushed in and knocked me over and started stomping Sandman yelling, "Boston. Boston!"

His mentally handicapped character he portrayed on WWE TV:

"I hated it. That was punishment basically from the mike bell incident. I was out on my feet and it was just a receipt for beating him up. I had no input and I would have rather been a serious character. Moppy is still shredded."

Check out the full Reddit AMA at this link.

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