Pete Dunne Puts Over Leon Ruff, Starrcast Alternative For All Out 2021 Weekend | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, June 1, 2021:

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Pete Dunne put over Leon Ruff as a superstar he would like to work more with.

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“If I can pick one from NXT, someone I actually worked with recently, but it was very brief, it’s Leon Ruff. The way our styles are, and the way we are as characters, there is so much to be done. It would be a completely different style of match. We got a brief showing of that, but when live events are back, I’m excited to do more with him.

“Over in NXT UK, A-Kid would be the guy. He comes from a similar place from where I come from, but it was even more difficult because there is no wrestling at all in Spain—yet he’s still become one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. To do that, pretty much off your own back, it is so impressive. I can’t wait to have a match or two together and really show the world what he’s about.”

- This year for all that weekend in Chicago, there will be no Starrcast event but AdFreeShow subscribers will have this alternative:

Announcement: Top Guys Weekend!!!
It is FINALLY here! We are so excited to announce the FIRST EVER Top Guy Weekend, Friday, September 3 - Saturday, September 4 at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL, ahead of AEW's All Out PPV!
Check out the video above from Conrad for some important details about the event, and we've also detailed many of them out below. More details and info to follow soon. Hope to see many of you Labor Day weekend in Chicago for the biggest event of the year!
• When is it? Friday, September 3 - Saturday, September 4
• Where is it? Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL
• Who is invited? A 5-month Top Guy subscription will be required. So, Top Guys who joined us in April 2021 or prior, and remain a Top Guy up to the date of the event, are invited along with 1 guest! All Top Guys on an annual subscription are invited, regardless of sign-up date.

- Interspecies Wrestling has started “The Dumbest Kickstarter Ever”

Over the years, we've become fairly well known for weaponizing a certain brightly colored interlocking building block toy, whose name we are legally not allowed to say (we’ve received multiple legal letters), with our “Fans Bring the *brightly colored interlocking building block toy* Deathmatches. You’ve probably stepped on one of these blocks in your lifetime, and if so – you know how uncomfortable this can be. Imagine being slammed hard, with all of your body weight crashing down on thousands of them. Sounds horrible to experience, but fun to watch – doesn’t it?

We promoted, without a doubt, the biggest version of the “Fans Bring the *brightly colored interlocking building block toy* Deathmatch in 2019, as part of the Collective over Wrestlemania weekend. We had big plans for 2020, but like pretty much everyone else in the world – our fun was foiled by the pandemic. In 2021, to make up for our cancelled 2020, we'd like to do it bigger than ever. We need your help, though.

As soon as it's safe - want to put on the biggest *brightly colored block* deathmatch in the history of wrestling. Seriously, we want this to be the biggest, and dumbest thing we ever do. The goal is 1,000,000 blocks. Will we hit that? Who knows? Either way, we can't get there on our own.

- Cody Rhodes announced the release of the following new t-shirt with proceeds going to The National Center for Transgender Equality.

- It's tag team week in WWE and as such, Michael Hayes will be interviewed on The Bump.

- WWE United States Champion Sheamus tweeted the following photo of his broken nose, which was busted by Humberto Carrillo last night.

- WWE stock today closed at $55.66 per share.

- Check out the top 10 moments from Monday Night Raw.

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- Legado del Fantasma ready for coronation:

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