Peter Rosenberg Says Michael Cole Told Him WWE Was No Longer Interested In Using Him For Pre-Shows

Peter Rosenberg opens up about why he is no longer on WWE Kickoff shows.

Host of the ESPN 'Cheap Heat' podcast, Peter Rosenberg has been affiliated with WWE for the past two years. Rosenberg has been on a number of pay-per-view kickoff shows, done RAW Talk and hosted 'Bring It To The Table' on the WWE Network with Corey Graves and John Bradshaw Layfield. 

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The WrestleMania 35 festivities emanated from Peter's residence in New York City and he had been promoting the event for months but was told by WWE that they were no longer interested in using him for the services he provided before. He spoke more about that during the most recent edition of his 'Cheap Heat' podcast and questioned how the company could not find a spot for him on the Watch Along show.

“Those challenges led to me to deciding to take some time off from traveling with WWE. When I came back to WWE and I was ready to work WrestleMania, those who make the decisions on those things, Michael Cole, were no longer interested in using me for that. So WrestleMania came to New York City where I’ve been promoting it for four/five months prior. Even when I was no longer traveling and they said, ‘We don’t have a place for you on WrestleMania.’ They couldn’t even squeeze me on that [make shift] Watch Along show with eighty people talking at the same time. Still didn’t have room for me there. Couldn’t put me anywhere. Ok.” Rosenberg said.


Rosenberg added that he loved everything he did in WWE and thought Bring It To The Table could've been huge. He specifically mentioned that Michael Cole was the one who passed on the information about WWE no longer being interested. He then began to further comment on the Watch Along show and made sure to clarify that he was not taking a shot at Pat McAfee or anyone else but thinks it's hard to make a show like that good with everyone talking over each other.

“As much as it sounds like I’m mad at Cole, [I'm] not even mad at Cole. Cole and I were never super tight. He’s got the way he sees things. If I don’t fit into that, I don’t care. There’s a lot of things that I don’t… as you can hear, I think the Watch Along show is literally the worst… an embarrassment to the Network." Rosenberg expressed. "So, we all have different views of how we do things, and by the way, that’s not a veiled shot at Pat McAfee. I don’t think anyone can do that show and make it good. You can’t have ten people talking at the same time. It’s not good. It can be done well if it’s small and put together well. Those ones we did on ESPN were pretty good but even those were rough, and that was ESPN producing them with much smaller groups of all broadcasters. So that’s not a veiled shot at McAfee and that’s not a shot at Michael Cole. Cole has the right to make the choices he wants to make.” He said.



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