Petey Williams Talks Retirement, Embracing Canadian Destroyer

Petey Williams recently returned to wrestling as a mmeber of the Global Force Wrestling roster.

Recently, he opened up to Main Event Radio, who sent these submitted highlights.

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His 2014 retirement:

"I'd been doing it for 14 years when I retired and I felt it was my time. A lot of wrestlers will wrestle until they're 50 or 60. I didn't want to not be able to walk and play with my kids. I escaped any serious injuries. My last match was against Chris Sabin, I enjoyed it and it was awesome, and it was the perfect note to leave on."

The Canadian Destroyer:

"I just had a conversation with Sami Callihan this past weekend and he said hey bro I don't think you understand but you changed the wrestling business. You were the first one to introduce the Canadian Destroyer. You brought a video game move into reality. I kind of have to take the move back. I knew what to do with the move when I had it. Now that I'm back it's fair warning to everyone to stop using my move. Stop using it, or if not challenge me and we'll get it on. When I first had the move people were sitting and waiting for the Canadian Destroyer. I couldn't have a false finish and actually have it be a false finish if I didn't do the Destroyer. I hated being a one-move wonder but then I decided to embrace it and take it as far as it could go. Bubba Ray who had the 3D gave me tips about how to get the move more over and how to tease it. Now I base my match around trying to hit that move. I stopped fighting it and embraced it and that's how I got to where I am today. For what it's worth I've created something that will last forever. Remember when Hulk [Hogan] said he wish he did a choke hold instead of a leg drop. I'm gonna be landing on my hips and my ass forever."

Changes since retirement:

"If you look at the guys I was in the mix with at the time look where they are now. AJ Styles, [Samoa] Joe they're headlining Raw, Smackdown, PPV's. My former two Team Canada members Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Ah, maybe I retired a couple years too early but I enjoy where I'm at now today and I hope I could re-ignite that now where I left off.

"I got released from TNA in 2009 and then came back for a short stint in 2013. I really didn't like what they did with me in that run. It was all 3-way matches. There was no story. I don't know if TNA and WWE had a lawsuit but they [WWE] were not interested. They didn't want to touch anybody that was related to TNA. Even in 2014 when I retired they didn't want to touch anybody. It seemed like right after I retired they started to pick up everybody from TNA. And they weren't burying them; they were pushing them and making them top guys. Maybe I did retire a little too early.

"You can tell and I wholeheartedly believe this. The main roster and NXT you see that former X Division style. In the early 2000's you didn't realize that TNA was creating a revolution. You didn't realize that you would look back at the talent that was there that changed wrestling. But that's exactly what happened."

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