Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Gritty Responds To Elias' Comments On Raw

On Monday's episode of WWE Raw from Philadelphia, Elias once again got the crowd against him by ripping on the hometown sports team. Elias went after Carson Wentz, who told Elias, "True shame is pretending like you care about the city of Philadelphia." 

After taking a shot at the Eagles, Elias turned his attention to Philadelphia Flyer's mascot Gritty. Elias stated that, "Gritty is not a mascot. He is a spitting imagine of every person in this city. A fat, ugly, googly eyed slob." The heat wasn't quite on the level of Elias going after Seattle for their lack of a basketball team a few weeks ago, but he still drew the ire of the Philly faithful. You can watch Elias' promo in the video above.

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If you don't know Gritty, well, this is him.

After hearing the comments made by Elias, Gritty let it be known that he has no problem handling his business man-to-mascot with the WWE superstar.

Gritty vs. Elias is the feud you didn't know you wanted until it smacked your eyes googly. 

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