Phillies Star Andrew McCutchen Corrects Corey Graves, Supports Kofi Kingston

Andrew McCutchen weighs in on Kofi Kingston being pulled from WWE Fastlane.

On Tuesday's episode of SmackDown, Vince McMahon officially removed Kofi Kingston from his WWE Title bout against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane, replacing him with Kevin Owens. McMahon's reasoning was that Owens is a bigger box office draw and despite Kofi's hard work over the years, he isn't seen at that level.

Corey Graves used a baseball analogy to explain McMahon's reasoning, comparing Kofi to Andrew McCutchen, the longtime Pittsburgh Pirates star who was traded to the San Francisco Giants in 2018. Graves tried to explain that McCutchen wanted more money, so they got rid of him. The analogy didn't exactly fit Kofi's situation and, as pointed out by McCutchen himself, wasn't even correct.

Graves offered a response.

At least both men found common ground on Kofi Kingston's exit from Fastlane.