Post-SmackDown Fight-Size Update: Fashion Peaks, "What's The Tea?" With Becky & Charlotte, 205 Live Highlights, More

Here is your Post-SmackDown Fight-Size Update!

- Above, you can see the latest episode of Fashion Peaks, in which we find out how much Fandango loves "wardrobes" and who destroyed Tully the Fake Horse!

- So last night in her match with Lana, Charlotte experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

She attempted to explain in this edition of "What's the Tea?" which I so hope is a new recurring thing.

- Kal Penn (of Harold & Kumar fame) was backstage at SmackDown.

- Naomi says she's still confident for her match with Natalya at Summerslam, even though Carmella is lurking with a Briefcase and an Ellsworth.

But Nattie's confident, too ... IN HER PHOTOSHOPPING SKILLS!

- Last night on 205 Live, we got one good match, one great one, and a backstage beatdown. Oh, and Corey Graves looking like Jimmy Neutron dressed up like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

Couple of great spots in that TJP/Swann match.

- Tonight, on NXT:

- In case you missed it, check out last night's Post-Show Podcast:

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