Pretty Deadly Become The Number One Contenders For The NXT UK Tag Team Titles

Pretty Deadly have their eyes fixed on making the NXT UK Tag Team Championship part of their wardrobe.

Gallus now knows who their next Challengers will be after Pretty Deadly earned the opportunity to face the champions on the January 28 edition of NXT UK. They won a Fatal 4-Way match that also included South Wales Subculture, The Hunt, and the duo of Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith. This was an elimination match that also had the stipulation of Eddie Dennis being barred from ringsideĀ 

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NXT UK Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
South Wales Subculture vs The Hunt vs Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs Pretty Deadly

Ashton and Mark start things off with Mark rolling Ashton up for two before Ashton takes Mark down to the mat before Flash comes in and SWS double up on Ashton for two. Ashton beats Flash down and tags in Oliver who is immediately taken down with a feel arm drag by Flash before Mark comes back in and Lewis tags himself in. Gallus look on from the back of the arena as Smith and Carter hit an assisted rebound moonsault for two before Ashton slams Mark down to the mat. Mark tags Lewis in and gets clotheslined before The Hunt scare him away and Primate tags himself in and beats on Lewis. PD and The Hunt have a tug of war before The Hunt brawl with SWS and all four teams brawl before the action spills out of the ring.

Primate drops Ashton with a back elbow for two before hitting a back suplex and tagging Wild in who decides to isolate Smith. Smith, Andrews, and Stoker hit a tower of doom before Mark tags Lewis in and stomps Ashton before Ashton hits a suplex as Oliver jumps off of his back and takes everyone out at ringside. Ashton hits a falcon arrow for a near fall that Sam breaks up before everyone hits a move until Primate exchanges with Ashton and hits a Saito suplex. The Hunt hit running double team moves in the corner before SWS stop The Hunt from hitting their finisher and Ashton eliminates The Hunt. Lewis attacks Oliver from behind and stomps him before Sam and Ashton come in and Ashton nearly suplexes Sam out of the ring.

Sam rolls Ashton up for a near fall before Ashton counters into one of his own for a near fall before Oliver hits an assisted 450 for a near fall. Mark comes in and takes out both Oliver and Ashton before Flash knocks Oliver off of the apron and SWS finish and eliminate Ashton with a running knee into a poison rana. PD isolate Flash in their corner before he fights out and gets the hot tag to Mark who chops PD and hits a double Pele kick into a 619 and a rolling stomp. Mark hits a hurricanrana for a near fall that Sam breaks up before PD take out the injured knee of Mark and Sam hits a swing into a half crab. Sam transitions into a figure four before Flash comes in and hits a head scissors to Lewis to send him into Sam to break up the submission.

Mark hits Stundog Millionaire before Flash gets the hot tag and gets a near fall that Lewis breaks up before Sam rolls Flash up for a near fall. Flash hits a Swanton Bomb onto PD at ringside before Mark goes to hit a suicide dive and Eddie Dennis hits him from behind with a chair. PD then finish Mark with a jumping neckbreaker, spinebuster combo they call Spilt Milk for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pretty Deadly defeat South Wales Subculture, The Hunt, and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter when they are the last team left in the match to earn a shot at Gallus.

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