Private Party Adopts 'Big Money' Matt Hardy's Mindset, Win By Any Means Necessary On AEW Dynamite

After weeks of being told by Matt Hardy to win by any means necessary, it appears that Private Party has finally taken those words to heart.

Just 24 hours after getting help from Jerry Lynn to secure the number one contendership for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship, Private Party used a steel chair to help them get the victory over Matt Sydal and Top Flight.

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When confronted about their nefarious means of victory, Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy simply attacked their opponents much to the delight of Matt Hardy.

Top Flight and Matt Sydal vs. Private Party and Matt Hardy

Before the match beginning, the commentators talk about Private Party's win last night on Impact. The match begins with Dante and Marq Quen shaking hands; Dante gets the upper hand right away. Dante hits a big dropkick on Quen. Matt Hardy is yelling at Private Party and tells them to get it together. Private Party now starts going after Top Flight and Sydal, and they get some cheap shots in. Kennedy is beating down Darius Martin, and Quen joins in because the ref is being distracted. Now, everyone is in the ring except for Hardy and the Top Flight, and Sydal gets some good strikes in on both members of Private Party. Matt Hardy is now the legal man, and he is controlling the match. Matt Hardy hits Dante with some heavy kicks and a few heavy strikes. They now head to a picture-in-picture commercial, and Hardy Party is completely controlling the match through the entire break. Darius is now the legal man; Darius hits a nice Spanish fly. Darius Martin gets to Matt Hardy and hits him with a nice tope suicida. Private Party goes for the Silly String, but Top Flight stops it. Hardy is now the legal man; Hardy hits the side effect on all three of his opponents. Matt goes for the triple pin, but they all kick out. Dante hits a hurricanrana on Kennedy and goes for the pin, but it is broken up at two. Isiah Kassidy hits Dante in the ribs with a chair while Hardy distracts the ref. Marq Quen goes for and hits the shooting star press.

Winners: Private Party and Matt Hardy

- After the match, Hardy orders Private Party to attack Top Flight and Sydal. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Dante and Matt Sydal.

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