PRO SERIES: How To EVOLVE In Six Easy Steps - Step 1: Resolve To Evolve

Ring Of Honor had started booking me for events that required them to invest a plane ticket in me. Before events, producers worked with me on my entrance. After events, matchmakers used words like “in the future”. All signs seemed to point to getting signed.

Yet, it had been a while and no contract had come. So, I had to ask myself, “Self, should we wait, with all our eggs in one basket, or should we gather the huevos to go Easter egg hunting?”

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Well, I had always enjoyed that holiday game of searching for symbols of renewal.

It may have been late Summer, but, somehow, I could smell Spring in the air.


Would you like to evolve; whether professional, personally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually?

Honestly, you could do it in just one step: wait.

Don’t seem to have the time for that method? I understand. No worries. There are steps to expedite the process.


Step 1: Resolve to evolve, by surrendering to the Universal Law of Change.

Change is undeniable, yet people suffer because they try to deny it.

Sometimes people suffer because they resist it; “Things aren’t as good as they used to be.” Sometimes people suffer because they don’t have faith in it; “Some things will never change.” Wise people stop suffering from it by accepting it unconditionally; “This too shall pass.”

What a beautiful saying, because it’s always true. The worst day of your life; it’ll pass. The best day of your life; it’ll pass. Remembering that all things shall come to pass can help you get through pain and help you truly appreciate pleasure.

By accepting the truth of constant change, you can make a resolution to use it to create your own desired evolution.

If you trust it, if you don’t fear it, willful utilization of naturally occurring change can be the chisel for sculpting out the you that you wish you were.


Several years ago, I sent out an email to Ring Of Honor co-founder and renown talent-spotter/developer Gabe Sapolsky hoping to get booked for his post-ROH project Dragon Gate USA.

He graciously responded and informed me that he gets far too many emails from aspiring wrestlers to go through them all and the best way to get looked at is to pay to do a pre-event tryout. It made sense, but I was equal parts prideful and broke, so I didn’t take his advice, back then.

Several years of naturally occurring change later and was no longer so prideful, but I was even more broke. Fortunately, I no longer cared about being broke, though.

So, with my wife’s permission and PayPal, and the resolution not to wait around for ROH to offer me a full time roster spot, and with one hand gripping my egg basket, I signed up for a tryout with Sapolsky’s latest creation that has been pushing wrestling forward, appropriately named, EVOLVE.

I had resolved to continue to evolve as a wrestler, happy to see where that evolution would land me, to see who that evolution would make ever-changing-me into.

I was ready for Step Two:

Prepare To EVOLVE

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