PRO SERIES: How To EVOLVE In Six Easy Steps Step 2: Prepare To Evolve


“So, like, what are you going for with your look?” Chris Hero asked me, in the dressing room of the Nitro Community Center, in Nitro, WV, in 2011.

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“Well, kinda like a ‘Rollerball’ Rocco/hellbilly thing.” I replied.

“Ah, okay, I can see that.” He concluded.

That night, Hero carried me through what I considered my best match for many years. After which, he got on the microphone and, as I was walking back to the locker room, stopped me to say, “Hey! Zombie Rollerball! I just wanted to say: you’re a good wrestler.”

With those simple, kind words, I evolved in the eyes of the local wrestlers and fans.


Ever feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels on an icy section of the hill of your life?

Want to gain some traction, so you can move forward, toward your goals?

It’s easy; ask for help.

Step 2: Prepare to evolve, by surrendering to your dependence on assistance.

Interdependence is undeniable, but the quality of people’s lives suffer because they try to deny it.

We all encounter quicksand on our paths to anywhere, and a lot of us suffer in vain as we try to pull ourselves out by our own hair (on some Baron Münchhausen sh__), despite the fact that there is usually someone or something that could help pull us right out. All because we have this silly idea that we could ever do anything without some kind of assistance.

“But, I’m reading this article without any help.”

Maybe, kinda. Well, no. Not really; you need the help of a device and electricity and the very long chain of people teaching each other to read that made it’s way to you.

Everything and everyone’s entire existence is so interdependent that we cannot reasonably conceive of anything without causes and conditions; hence the “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” causality dilemma.

If you understand and accept how reliant we all are on each other, it becomes a lot easier to ask for help and if you want to realize any of your dreams you better start looking for help.


In August, 2016, I bravely-for-me text messaged Chris Hero, and asked for help, in the form of advice about what I should do at the EVOLVE tryout I had coming up.

He replied back, “Just be yourself. Show what makes you different. You’ll do great.”

With that advice and encouragement in mind, I went to work cultivating and editing down the things that make me stand out as a professional wrestler into a five minute tryout match.

With the help of my wife, Amber, I designed and made some ring-gear that matched my unique personality.

With the help of the Beckley Pro Wrestling Academy, and my training partner, Benny Conley, I worked on some new and different in-ring techniques that showed off my creativity.

With the help of Benny and my wife to keep me awake, I drove five hours and 36 minutes, through the night, to get to the MCW Arena in Joppa, Maryland, where the tryout was being held

With the help of a few hours of sleep in the parking lot, I was ready to put everything I had into showing why I should be a fulltime member of the EVOLVE roster.

The first thing EVOLVE matchmaker Gabe Sapolsky said to me was, “So, Chris Hero had very good things to say about you.”

With the added pressure of living up to Hero’s word, I was ready for Step Three:


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