Pro Series: How To EVOLVE In Six Easy Steps Step 6: Continue To EVOLVE

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Shortly after signing with WWN, I was doing a podcast with my buddy, Robbie Cassidy, but couldn’t talk about signing, because it had yet to be announced.

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Instead, I told a bunch of wrestling related stories and infused them with, and/or related them to, Eastern and Western philosophy,  psychology, and so-called spirituality separated from (the separateness of) specific belief systems.

The podcast was his most popular, and I got a lot of good feedback from it, but otherwise it just seemed like another podcast to me .

It wasn’t

Shortly after it came out, Gabe Sapolsky asked me to call him, because he had some input and advice about my career direction that he wanted to share with me.

“So, I watched a bunch of your promos and I listened to you on that podcast… And I found you way more interesting on the podcast, and in your daily Facebook updates. You should consider embracing and merging Jason-Kincaid-the-unique-person into Jason-Kincaid-the-unique-competitor. ” Sapolsky told me, through the speaker of my flip phone.

I did consider it, and considered it advice that I needed to hear.


Want to: keep climbing, continue growing, evolve exponentially?

It’s easy: allow yourself to be a plant in the Sunlight Of S__t It Seems Like You’re Supposed To Listen To.

Step 6: Continue To EVOLVE, by surrendering to positive-paranoia.

Infinity is mathematically undeniable, but people suffer because we can’t wrap our finite minds around it, and thusly deny ourselves the benefit of infinite possibilities and, more importantly, infinite probabilities; what I like to call the “Why The F__k Not Principle”.

At every moment, is everything you experience forming a choir to sing you a song meant to inspire you to follow the deepest calling of your heart? Is the World conspiring to draw you a map to seek your dreams by? Is the Universe continually uploading the software you need to download to update to the best version of you?  

Well, probably.

Why? Because if we live in a Universe of infinite possibilities then, “Why the f__k not?”

You may be asking, “Couldn’t it be possible, or, more likely, probably, that you are just tricking yourself into selectively picking things around you to ‘sing you the song’ that you want to hear?”

Well, probably.

But, if I am just using everything around me to inspire me to do what I subconsciously, intuitively feel is the right thing to do, if I am choosing to see the World as an abundant bestower of blessings to make myself happier, if I am creating deep inner peace and outer love by believing that the Loving Grace of The Universe is guiding me to Deepest Peace, then...why the f__k not?

Whether it is the nature of Infinity to bring us infinite good, or our nature looking for good, infinitely. The result is the same: we find more goodness than we can wrap our finite minds around.

By understanding and accepting that Infinity is too beyond-big to even be conceived of in our common concepts of size, you can use ever the slightest belief in the possibility that all things are possible to achieve the improbable-to-you, over and over again.


As I write this, it’s February, 28, 2017. I’m sitting cross legged on the wrestling mats covering my living room floor, my wife’s laptop is on a cardboard box that sets it up high enough to type comfortably.

So far, in my life I have evolved a lot; from a shy child, to extreme-sport-kid, to pro-wrestler, to good pro-wrestler, to good pro-wrestler-with-a-purpose-of-doing-some-good.

For the most part, it has been a slow evolution, but it continues to gain momentum and gets faster and faster.

Will I evolve from good pro-wrestler-with-a-purpose-of-doing-some-good into one-of-the-greatest-of-all-time-who-used-his-blessing-to-do-great-things?

Well, probably.

Because why the f__k not?

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