Punishment Martinez Talks New ROH TV Deal, ROH vs. GFW, The Addiction

Monster Factory product Punishment Martinez recently spoke to Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can check out submitted highlights below, or the full interview at this link.

ROH's new TV deal:

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"It's awesome! You're always trying, our goal in the locker room is to make the product as good as it could be. I'm not just saying this because I work for the company. In the time I've been there, I've been so appreciative of my peers and those that were there before me because of the way they treated me coming in. It wasn't, "You're an outsider and you've got to pay dues." No! It was, "You're here. You're here for a reason. So, we're going to help you become the best you because that's what we're all about. We're not about individually being the best. We're about the product." Then, when the product itself starts raising the bar, getting TV deals, getting bigger opportunities because of what we're contributing, it makes us feel really, really good because we know we're doing our job."

Kevin SullivanĀ and Steve Corino:

"Man! Coming into ROH, getting a job with a major company, and then getting to work with these guys was a pretty cool deal! (laughs) And, developing a relationship with these people too where I talk to these guys on a regular basis now. I just talked to Sullivan two days ago. I still ask him questions and ask him to critique my work and give me tips and pointers. Both these guys... Geniuses! It does not matter what people know about them, I think they're still under appreciated. People don't understand all they've done for professional wrestling be it on camera or behind the scenes helping people raise their own bar. They've helped so many people along the way which goes unnoticed by many but not by the people that they've helped. But, they didn't do it for recognition. They did it because they love professional wrestling and that is something I really respect about them."

Wrestling the Addiction:

"Awesome, awesome. Frankie and I have a lot in common. We like the same music... We have similar personalities. More laid back, more to ourselves. Man, that guy knows this business in and out. It was so easy to work with him. With him, everything was so flawless. Same thing with CD. Those guys... Man, they're so good!"

Cody Rhodes claiming ROH has more potential than GFW:

"I can't speak for GFW because I've never worked there, he did. He's speaking from experience. I can speak as far as Ring of Honor. We just got a new TV deal. The partnership with New Japan and CMLL seems to be growing stronger. Each year, the numbers raise as far as the TV viewers, attendance, and pay-per-view buys. It's growing! The proof is in the pudding!"

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