PWG All-Star Weekend Night 2 Preview!

KOSS is back again for PWG’s All Star Weekend 14, Night Two! I said pretty much everything I wanted to in the preview of N1, so check that out! Let’s just get right into these matches!

All Star Weekend 14, Night Two


Reseda, California

Match #1

Rey Horus vs. Bandido

And we’re starting off this show RIGHT! I can’t wait for this match; it will be a good old fashioned lucha style. I’ve heaped praise upon Rey Horus every time I speak about him. He is an incredibly gifted high flyer who has delivered in every single one of his matches in PWG thus far, from his debut against Sammy Guevara to the triple threats from the last All Star Weekend. And while I haven’t seen Bandido’s debut at Time is a Flat Circle yet, the praise he gathered for his performance is more than enough to raise my interest. This could be a show stealer, if not a weekend stealer. Don’t let this match go under the radar.

My pick to win: This can go either way, but I’ll take Rey Horus to win.

Match #2

Trevor Lee vs. Flash Morgan Webster

This is a match that will have a lot of personality! As I said in the previous article, Trevor has been absent from PWG for quite a while now, and I think the time away will do his character well. And Flash is the kind of wrestler who you know what he brings to the table, but he does what he does very well. I can see these two having a really, really fun match, with a lot of personality, and I also think that they’ll have some solid chemistry as wrestlers as well. Just a hunch, but I have a good feeling about this match. It should be a whole lot of fun.

My pick to win: I’m thinking Trevor Lee picks up a second win to go 2-0 over the weekend. Possibly to put him in contention for the PWG World Title

Match #3

The Rascals vs. Violence Unlimited

I’m not entirely sure why, but this match really garnered my interest when I heard it being announced. The Rascals, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, are two really fun, high flyers who bust out a lot of really unique tandem offense. Then, there’s Violence Unlimited. Brody King is a big guy, who can also high fly as well. And I’ve never seen Tyler Bateman wrestle before. That being said, I think this match has a lot of potential. I think these two teams will come in highly motivated, and absolutely do their best to rock the house. And I think that they’ll also mesh really, really well in their styles. This match may just be one that goes underrated when both shows are all said and done. I’m super interested to see how this one ends up going.

My pick to win: I’m going to take The Rascals here, since I believe they’re going to be taking the pinfall in the PWG World Tag Team title match the night before.

Match #4

Timothy Thatcher vs. PWG Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle

It’s really easy to tell how this match will go. It’s going to have a LOT of grappling, suplexes, stiff strikes, and submissions. And with these two wrestlers, that’s exactly what I want. I know that Timothy Thatcher got a LOT of (deserved) criticisms for his EVOLVE Title reign, but I always thought that Thatcher did very well in his PWG matches. His PWG debut against Biff Busick was really fun, his match with Roderick Strong was really fun, and his match with Chris Hero was, in my opinion, one of the best of the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles. And what else needs to be said about Matt Riddle? He’s proven time and time again that he is one of the US’s premier independent wrestlers. This’ll be a really good one.

My pick to win: I’m going to take Matt Riddle to win here. Most likely by submission.

Match #5

Joey Janela vs. Robbie Eagles

Like I said in the Night One preview, Eagles is someone that a LOT of people have wanted to see in PWG. He’s another one of the Aussies that PWG’s brought in, and I have a good feeling that he will deliver like Jonah Rock and Adam Brooks have. And Joey Janela is always fun to see. He blends really fun character work with fun wrestling with complete disregard for his own safety. This should be another really fun match.

My pick to win: I’m going with The Bad Boy, Joey Janela to pick up the victory.

Match #6

Sammy Guevara vs. Taiji Ishimori

This is a match to really keep an eye out for. Not just for match quality, but for possible PWG title ramifications. Guevara has been on a HUGE winning streak since he came into PWG, with his only loss coming from Jeff Cobb in the second round of the 2017 Battle of Los Angeles. He’s beaten the likes of Rey Horus, Joey Janela, REY FENIX, and Flamita. I think that if Guevara wins this match, he’d have to be near the top of the list for a challenge to Keith Lee’s PWG World Title. As for the match itself, this should be a really, really fun one. Ishimori’s proved in his TNA run that he can still consistently deliver, despite being in wrestling for nearly 15 years, while Guevara is the younger, faster, cockier hotshot. It should have a great story, with Ishimori trying to keep up with Sammy. I’m excited for this one.

My pick to win: I feel confident in Sammy Guevara picking up the win here against the Japanese star.

Match #7

For the PWG World Championship:

Jonah Rock




Keith Lee ©

Now this…..THIS IS A HOSS FIGHT! This is three big, bad, mean guys getting in there, and they’ll looking to all club and wail on each other. This is gonna be an absolute BLAST. You have Jonah Rock, who weighs in at just over 300 pounds, and throws an array of stiff strikes and big suplexes. You have WATLER, who weighs in at 280, and is one of, if not THE most physical wrestlers on the planet right now, and whose chops are becoming the stuff of legend for their sheer level of violence. And you have the PWG Champion, Keith Lee, who weighs in at 330 pounds and combines stiff strikes with unmatched athleticism like few ever have. This will be an absolute WAR, with over 900 pounds of humanity in the ring. I can’t wait.

My pick to win: The rumors of Keith Lee being WWE bound would make this a prime spot to lose the PWG title. And while it’d be really cool to see WALTER grab the belt, I think that Lee will retain here.

And that’s that! This looks to be another fun show, with an EPIC main event, and a lot of fun stuff on the show as well. PWG’s All Star Weekend 14 looks to be a super fun time, and I can’t wait to see it! Thanks for reading, and as always, I’m KOSS! See you again soon!

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