QT Marshall Shares A 'Vince McMahon-Ism' That He Thinks Makes A Lot Of Sense

The wisdom of Vince McMahon continues to permeate the wrestling industry.

WWE's Chairman of the Board is a larger-than-life figure whose quirks and preferences have become the stuff of legend. 'Vince-isms' as they've come to be known, though often joked about, are still enlightening and influencing the way some go about their business both inside and outside of the ring.

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During a recent appearance on Cultaholic Wrestling's Desert Island Graps, QT Marshall shared a 'Vince-ism' that has affected the way he views something as granular as how someone is thrown into the ring.

"Everyone jokes about the 'Vince-isms,' but Pat Buck just came to AEW and we were talking about, when he was in WWE, some of the 'Vince-isms.' One of the things he said was, Vince doesn't like when you grab someone and you just chuck them back in the ring and they roll in 30 times. I thought about it and I said, 'You know what, that kind of makes sense.' You've seen it for so many years, so it's something you know, but it does make sense. If you get thrown in, you wouldn't roll all the way to the other side. You would probably just pick the guy up, put them on the apron, and then get it and yank them into the middle of the ring. It's more realistic. I thought about it, and as weird as that is to really harp on on your TV show, out of all the things you can harp on, I thought, 'Maybe when I'm out there, I'm not gonna let someone do that to me. I'm either going to get myself back in the ring or I'm going to take something on the outside that is so rough that they have to pick me up on their back and place me onto the ring and push me in.' I thought it would add more realism, and I could be completely wrong, but I do try to think about those things," Marshall said.

Pat Buck recently joined AEW as a producer after last working WrestleMania 38 for WWE.

Elsewhere during the interview, QT commented on Cody Rhodes leaving AEW for WWE. You can find his comments here.

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