QT Marshall: Twitter Says I Have 'Go-Away Heat' But The Live Crowds Say Differently

QT Marshall says that the live crowds let him know he's doing his job right.

QT Marshall is a long way away from just being Cody Rhodes’ off-camera assistant. Now, he is a fully-fledged member of the AEW locker room and has even had a match with Paul Wight, formerly Big Show in WWE.

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Speaking with Sports Illustrated ahead of AEW hitting Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York, QT says that the team at Arthur Ashe Stadium is taking a chance on the promotion and everyone in AEW is grateful for that.

"Arthur Ashe, the people there are taking a huge chance on us, and we appreciate that. I don’t really get into those things but I’m sure WWE probably doesn’t want us at the Garden, right? And we’re not going to piggyback off of them. But at the same time I know with Tony [Khan]’s connections with other sports, I think this was the right fit. It’s never been done before. It’s a huge building, it’s a nice building and it goes more up than out. So, there’s not really a bad seat in the house. I’m very excited and I think we’re going to put on an amazing show like we always do, but I think we’re gonna maybe do a little extra just because it’s our first real stadium show. The people of New York, I think they need it. I think they need AEW just as much as we need them, just to kinda let them know, “Hey, there is other wrestling in town.”

Furthermore, QT Marshall addressed criticisms of his character from the internet saying that while social media may believe that he has "go-away heat," the reaction he gets from live audiences tell him differently. Specifically, Marshall would single out the crowd at the United Center as one audience that let him know he was on the right track.

"A lot of the people that come to our shows, they travel. There’s going to be people from all over the Tri-state area. They’re just these rabid, die-hard AEW fans. There’s nothing like it. Pandemic wrestling really kinda, I don’t want to say it hurt us, because we’ve been doing really well no matter what. Tony had great ideas with putting those wrestlers in the crowd. Even that week that we couldn’t put anyone in the crowd, he had people in trailers that were miked up, so they could still make noise and still get the ambiance of wrestling. But there is nothing like being in front of an AEW audience. They’re as loud as they possibly can be. Even with myself out there. The Twitter universe is going to say that I have what we call “go-away heat,” where they don’t want me out there at all, but the live crowd says different. When 16,000 people at the United Center are chanting, “Q.T. sucks!” I think I’m doing something right."

QT Marshall currently does not have a match on the AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam card but surely, he and the rest of The Factory will be in attendance.

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